#shorts | Sheepishly Me SHORTS | LAMB ZOOMIES!!!

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Sandi Brock

17 ditë më parë

A sweet little way to start everyone's morning!!
This is our daily thank you at feeding time!!
And I have to say..
the best part of chores on the sheep farm!🥰
#shorts #sheep #farming
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Stitching Smiles by Kathie Studnicky-LaBombard
Stitching Smiles by Kathie Studnicky-LaBombard Ditë më parë
Sandi 8 could watch this forever
Yvonne Crozier
Yvonne Crozier 3 ditë më parë
Lamb zoomies are the best! 😍
PuertoRicanPrincess 3 ditë më parë
Мингазов Тахир
Мингазов Тахир 3 ditë më parë
Running Creek Farms
Running Creek Farms 5 ditë më parë
Their so happy!!
アイゼンツ 8 ditë më parë
:D 😍😍😍 lambs
Lois Spinks
Lois Spinks 9 ditë më parë
I love to watch them bounce up and down, they are so cute
Noellia Castillo
Noellia Castillo 10 ditë më parë
So adorable. 😍 I love them.
Stefanie Dillinger
Stefanie Dillinger 12 ditë më parë
This was the perfect addition to go with my morning cup of coffee! Thank you for sharing! 💙🐑 love this!
Desiree Wyatt
Desiree Wyatt 13 ditë më parë
What's sad is you have all those sheep that makes you money and you cant give them more room to run...... SAD
Mary Ellen Reed
Mary Ellen Reed 13 ditë më parë
So adorable!
Dona Holmes
Dona Holmes 13 ditë më parë
They are so funny!! 🤣
Marie Vestin
Marie Vestin 13 ditë më parë
I Love 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Sonya Rose
Sonya Rose 13 ditë më parë
after watching you so many times on my Tv utube I just have to say "what a gal you are" you exhaust me. I wish you more strength and lots of happy times. you are worth more than 10 men congratulations from Australia
Gaila's Great Danes and Manes
Gaila's Great Danes and Manes 13 ditë më parë
I'd rather see them on green pastures.
RICHARD VERNICK 14 ditë më parë
Sandi Thank You, thst is a great morning stater. Please Take Care of your self Plus Be Very Care Full around all Farm Equipment.
Sgt FiFi LaRue
Sgt FiFi LaRue 15 ditë më parë
I used to think I had the best job in the world! Now, I want to be a sheep farmer! 💖😘
Sharon Green
Sharon Green 16 ditë më parë
Do you know when they are born if you will keep them or not ? Or do you have to see how they progress as they age ? Also, the ones that are shipped, are they going to a slaughterhouse?
Judi B
Judi B 16 ditë më parë
LAMBPEED!!!!!!!!! 🤣😂🙋🏻‍♀️😍
Lisa Priest
Lisa Priest 16 ditë më parë
Instead of the run of the bulls you have the run of the lamb's
sunshinechatterbox42 16 ditë më parë
I just love when the babies all run back and forth and sometimes the older ones jump up and kick their legs .
Frans Mthombeni
Frans Mthombeni 16 ditë më parë
“Gambol” is the word I was looking for. Beautiful video, Sandi....❤️
elizabeth knight
elizabeth knight 16 ditë më parë
I love watching them play like that. The best medicine when I am feeling down. Thank you Sandi you are amazing with what you are doing xx
Provat Kumar Biswas
Provat Kumar Biswas 16 ditë më parë
1:30 WOW GIRLS 18+ ARE WAITING FOR YOU hotgirls.to ALpost: This is fine Someone: Says "heck" ALpost: BE GONE 1619257568
Alice Gamble
Alice Gamble 16 ditë më parë
They are so cute!
Beverley McInnes
Beverley McInnes 16 ditë më parë
Absolutely love this one! 🐨
Sarah Mollica
Sarah Mollica 16 ditë më parë
Sandy did you know you were in a different video for lambs science raising lambs
Colleen Rodamer
Colleen Rodamer 16 ditë më parë
It never gets old
doris gazdaugh
doris gazdaugh 16 ditë më parë
Oh my gosh, I love watching this, I saved it and go back and forth watching. ♥️♥️♥️♥️
Amy Nash
Amy Nash 16 ditë më parë
Very cute babies!
RIVKA Sunny-adi
RIVKA Sunny-adi 16 ditë më parë
Thanks Sandi, I LOVE to watch it a litle longer...
Rolf Juto
Rolf Juto 16 ditë më parë
Training for the upcoming summer Olympics?
Gisele Perrin
Gisele Perrin 17 ditë më parë
They're so happy to see you .Awe!
Lulu 17 ditë më parë
Ashley House
Ashley House 17 ditë më parë
Hehe so cute 🥰
R. Melendez
R. Melendez 17 ditë më parë
what adorable little things!
diana Weatherford
diana Weatherford 17 ditë më parë
Way too cute. 😍 😊
Beth Nichols
Beth Nichols 17 ditë më parë
Lol I can just picture the lambs thinking, 'yeah, idk why we are running yet this is fun'. Then after awhile, they are like 'okay I'm tired now, I need a snack and a nap'. 😁
Lia P
Lia P 17 ditë më parë
Too cute
Tammy Rasberry
Tammy Rasberry 17 ditë më parë
So stinking 😍cute!
Aria Wolf
Aria Wolf 17 ditë më parë
Pop, lock, and zoom! I could watch this all day!!!
m Pedmar
m Pedmar 17 ditë më parë
Stinkin' adorable ! 💖
Monica Besa
Monica Besa 17 ditë më parë
louchat333 17 ditë më parë
I love love the little chocolate lambs.
Betty Boop
Betty Boop 17 ditë më parë
I wish I had their energy!! LOL They are just so cute! thanks for the romp. :)
Barb Digeorgio
Barb Digeorgio 17 ditë më parë
Beautiful show.
Annette Bischoff
Annette Bischoff 17 ditë më parë
They are so cute
Kelly King
Kelly King 17 ditë më parë
With all the political tension it feels so good to see such innocent cuteness and laugh!
Reba Layne
Reba Layne 17 ditë më parë
Something I’ve been wanting to say for awhile. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a lady that is so dedicated and so hard-working as you are with your sheep. May God bless you and keep you healthy to take care of these wonderful creatures. You’re awesome Sandi! 🐑💜
Teri Boots
Teri Boots 17 ditë më parë
The best entertainment there is
Reba Layne
Reba Layne 17 ditë më parë
Brings a smile to my face and warms my heart! 🥰 oh my goodness, how sweet! 😍
Robert Gram
Robert Gram 17 ditë më parë
irishpm01 17 ditë më parë
So cute
Cyndi Nelson
Cyndi Nelson 17 ditë më parë
Lamb races!! Love this!🥰🥰🥰🥰
Pamela Moreno
Pamela Moreno 17 ditë më parë
Away to young and bouncy instead of old and saggy, hee her. Again, thanks Sandi.
Leigh Swogger
Leigh Swogger 17 ditë më parë
Love it
Diane Schreader
Diane Schreader 17 ditë më parë
Love watching those babies. Their exuberance is catching and make me laugh!!!
Ladywolf2263 17 ditë më parë
Zombies ! Oh what a great way to start my day
Julie Enslow
Julie Enslow 17 ditë më parë
And when there go go is all gone, we have LAMB PILES!! Which coincides with cuteness overload!! Of course the lambpede is a huge cuteness overload as well!!
Zena's Mum
Zena's Mum 17 ditë më parë
Boy, did I need see those cuties
Jodi Bowman
Jodi Bowman 17 ditë më parë
So cute
RustyCarnahan 17 ditë më parë
When my Dad was a kid, they had around 80 head of ewes, and the sheep barn was an old long, narrow, chicken house they converted over. The ewes were fed in the center, and all the lambs would race circles around the mamas! They'd run and run and run, then one would decide to turn around and go the other direction, and they'd be crashing into one another, dodging one another, and getting confused, then they'd all end up going the other direction for a but, then repeat process again! I love hearing him tell that story, because I can picture it in my head, and I could imagine it was the cutest daily dose of laughter anyone on the farm could see!
Fallenthrone624 17 ditë më parë
God these are my favorite moments that you film. The mighty run of the sheep!!!
Kaye Ward
Kaye Ward 17 ditë më parë
I'm one of The Quiet Ones in your community but the little video I'm watching now I have watched it 10 times and love it love it love it love it makes my heart Happy I laugh and laugh and laugh thank you so much I'm 73 and I need to laugh every chance I get you doing a great job I love it and I wish I was there to help you my name is Linda 🐑⚘⚘
Rahab Von-Horn
Rahab Von-Horn 17 ditë më parë
Lamb Races are the best way of waking up in the morning!🥰🥰🐑
No Name
No Name 17 ditë më parë
Too cute
Cathy Williams
Cathy Williams 17 ditë më parë
These fancy little lambs are so cute. They put a smile on my face this morning thank you
Bernadette Mamo
Bernadette Mamo 17 ditë më parë
Laura Scherle
Laura Scherle 17 ditë më parë
These videos of lamb zombies always put a smile in my heart for the day🥰❣️ Thanks so much for sharing them💝❣️
Margareta Saarenpää
Margareta Saarenpää 17 ditë më parë
Just1Nora 17 ditë më parë
I have to admit whenever you feed the moms I'm always watching this! Lol! 🤭
Luvan Sheepdogs
Luvan Sheepdogs 17 ditë më parë
I love it 🥰
Pam T.
Pam T. 17 ditë më parë
Best show in town!
Elizabeth Windrow
Elizabeth Windrow 17 ditë më parë
So cute. I love it when animals do zoomies.
Beaudreax's NomadicMami
Beaudreax's NomadicMami 17 ditë më parë
Just bring me so much happyness when i wake up everyday im like walkys fur furbabys coffee an Sandi!😂😇🌈💛
Canadian Navy Wife
Canadian Navy Wife 17 ditë më parë
Awwww they are so cute! Hugs from Esquimalt
As told by mimi
As told by mimi 17 ditë më parë
This is the best thing
Nagaraj T
Nagaraj T 17 ditë më parë
Hello sandi.
Maria Hagan
Maria Hagan 17 ditë më parë
Robin Fant
Robin Fant 17 ditë më parë
Margaret Gitchen
Margaret Gitchen 17 ditë më parë
I love watching them bound back and forth! Soooooo cute!
Ken S.
Ken S. 17 ditë më parë
They Remind me a Little Mexican Jumping Bean when I was growing up. They are Adorable. 👍
chele michele
chele michele 17 ditë më parë
They are so darn cute...🤩🤩
Kristin Reynolds
Kristin Reynolds 17 ditë më parë
I bet they take a good nap after their morning run! Thank you Sandi for sharing! That was a great way to start my day!! 😊😊😊
Kathleen Connors
Kathleen Connors 17 ditë më parë
Such fun 😀 thanks for sharing 😘
Dave Bristol
Dave Bristol 17 ditë më parë
A great memory fro my boyhood days. When lambs begin to "feel their oats" they will find a way to play. We often had a manure pile around and they would have epic battles for the " king of the mounain". Good Stuff Sandi!
Stephen Modawell
Stephen Modawell 17 ditë më parë
My favorite! Just like kids when they see mom is busy! 😂
Jacqueline Thomas
Jacqueline Thomas 17 ditë më parë
good day from germany.lovely to watch. keep up the excelent work you do.you bring joy to so many people jackie
Patricia Takle
Patricia Takle 17 ditë më parë
Good morning! Happy lambs, happy day.
laurie j
laurie j 17 ditë më parë
Love the zoomies.
Feathered Life
Feathered Life 17 ditë më parë
Lambpede is so fun. We separate lambs and mamas yesterday. Mamas moved to farther away pasture. It's deafening right now. But mamas are so ready for this.
D&M Kammerer
D&M Kammerer 17 ditë më parë
Oh to be in the middle of play time!
Riding&Learning About Horses&Ponies
Riding&Learning About Horses&Ponies 17 ditë më parë
That's a lot of sheep must be exhausting counting them all😂
Evonne Whalen
Evonne Whalen 17 ditë më parë
Omg.. Thank you for sharing your lambs this morning. I needed that.
Darlou Thia
Darlou Thia 17 ditë më parë
Adorable 🥰
Dee Beltz
Dee Beltz 17 ditë më parë
Love watching the zoomies
Kim Wong
Kim Wong 17 ditë më parë
LOVE IT!!!! Thank you for sharing. Made me smile!
Dbirdey Capozzi
Dbirdey Capozzi 17 ditë më parë
Loved that Sandi!! Baaaaaaa!
Pat DeArmond
Pat DeArmond 17 ditë më parë
Babies are pure happiness -- running, jumping, playing !! Makes me smile every time I watch them. Thanks for sharing.
Wendy Geiger
Wendy Geiger 17 ditë më parë
the sheep game alpost.info/mine/h7LcnIXMkXq6fJ8/video (12 : 42) 🙃😉🥰
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