I BOUGHT A SHEEP MILK MACHINE!! 🙌| Spring Lambing 2021 | Vlog 433

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Sandi Brock

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After MANY requests from YOU, this community...
A handy, dandy little hand pump that gently milks those ewes that may have just a bit too much milk right off the start.
This ewe was engorged, with triplets... and the only way to get them on her, was to milk her out first.
Also had a wee one injure her leg in the lambing pen with mama...
So I walk you guys through how I cast a lamb's leg.
#lambing #sheep #farming
For more info on this milk machine, here is the link to their website!

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Jeannie Rickard
Jeannie Rickard 6 ditë më parë
When I was in high school and had a bunch of show ewes I did a 3yr study with them and flushing them on a normal breeding during the fall. Because they were in show condition they were already really fat. I broke them into 2 groups to see if flushing did anything on fat ewes. Mind you this was before we used any hormones to cycle them. After 3 years my results showed that flushing did absolutely nothing, and only worked on the skinnier ewes. It was by far the best thing I ever did in my flock. I used those results for a educational display that was grand Champion in the state and top three in the nation. I also used it for my senior class project, and then on in college as my thesis, after doing more research with the college flock. I can say that they have to be pretty poor condition for flushing to work in purebred Suffolk ewes.
Tiffany Tupper
Tiffany Tupper 9 ditë më parë
I love your process and I know you will get it sorted!
LaDonna Knowlton
LaDonna Knowlton 10 ditë më parë
I have a question? How come some of the ewe's sound like they have water in their lungs when they bah?
charity njeri
charity njeri 17 ditë më parë
Veterinary...good job...sorry for the kiddie lose...oh...I love kiddies I grew up in a farm in Africa...and actually help our sheep give birth...early years of my life .
charity njeri
charity njeri 17 ditë më parë
3 kiddies...???
James Howells
James Howells 20 ditë më parë
The lamb who was not breathing the old method was to hold them by the back legs a nd swing them upside down .
Sarenaty Santos
Sarenaty Santos 20 ditë më parë
Christine's Better Knitting
Christine's Better Knitting 20 ditë më parë
Your work is so fascinating, even my cat stands in front of the TV watching the lambs be born!! In 15 years I have never seen him watch TV - ever.
Ruby m
Ruby m 21 ditë më parë
Those were fucking massive for triplets you can’t save them all and without intervention you would have had three dead lambs and a dead ewe. I’ve been lambing and calving my entire life there’s just some you can’t save.
Crazy Birds
Crazy Birds 23 ditë më parë
Is it normal for them to have triplets?
öylesine bi hesap
öylesine bi hesap 24 ditë më parë
Çok bașarılısınız keșke bende sizingibi olsam tebrikler👍👏💞🌷🌹❄☀🙏
David Copperfield-not the magician
David Copperfield-not the magician 26 ditë më parë
I had a new born puppy that had that hip problem and could not walk. I layed her on her back and pressed both hips at the same time into the pup. Her hip popped back into place. Some chiropractors will do animals too. She needed some support for a few day to strengthen it but turned out right as rain! You can put them back in the joint. I was so very relieved to save her!
David Copperfield-not the magician
David Copperfield-not the magician 26 ditë më parë
I 💕 when the babies start jumping and kicking! So sweet.
Dionne Cornett
Dionne Cornett 28 ditë më parë
The page 2 comment is so me and a whole lot more people 😂🤣 ... my husband for sure ... he always just says oops 🤣🤣 ... remember to stay safe and stay blessed
Millisa Gable
Millisa Gable 28 ditë më parë
I will be honest I never really realized how much it takes to have a sheep farm untell I found ur channel and now I can't stop watching!!!!
Jasmina Ćuk
Jasmina Ćuk 29 ditë më parë
Koja je to vrsta ovaca dobro daju jaganjce?
Tik-Tac-Toe 29 ditë më parë
Your smile is contagious..😁
Linda A
Linda A Muaj më parë
And all while wearing your Pandora bracelet. Well done.
Sue h
Sue h Muaj më parë
What do you do this for? I’m not criticizing at all.. just not sure.. is it the wool, meat, and milk?
Ann Bounds
Ann Bounds Muaj më parë
With all do respect Millie is in pain and you push and pull her leg as if she doesn't feel it. You've re-cast it what, 3 times now? The poor baby has been through enough already. Please stop her suffering.
Debbie O'Bryan
Debbie O'Bryan Muaj më parë
I imagine sheep being in a green field and frolicking in a paddock. This sort of farming is strange to me.
I Love Horses
I Love Horses Muaj më parë
It needs wheels; a little wheeled thing.
Carol Reid
Carol Reid Muaj më parë
Can you post the name and a link, if you have a link that you benefit from, of the respirator? Thanks!
Reed Jones
Reed Jones Muaj më parë
Super interesting tube idea! In Wales we stick straw up the lambs nose to make it sneeze. Kind of like a jump start for lambs.
miriam favretto
miriam favretto Muaj më parë
Bless you for all you do have guts and love all around
Monique Auger
Monique Auger Muaj më parë
What a woman you are, a lot to deal with, knowledge, courage, strength, intelligence, integrity, you are amazing, you make us woman proud! Love to watch your blog I do nothing with lamb but very interesting, I am a nurse
Dee Marie Dubois
Dee Marie Dubois Muaj më parë
Great job saving momma and those two lambs. You are amazing.
Paula McGee
Paula McGee Muaj më parë
Why don’t you have some towels to wipe their faces with
Alicia Coble
Alicia Coble Muaj më parë
You can buy breast milk storage bags and get a small freezer in your office to store the sheep's first milk so that lambs can get actual colostrum vs the powdered stuff!
Alicia Coble
Alicia Coble Muaj më parë
Have you looked into a battery operated suction machine or n electric one with a chargeable battery???..,those would have more powerful suctioning to aspirate the fluid
Susan Windley
Susan Windley Muaj më parë
As you rehab Vanilli, you could multi-purpose your weighing sling as a walking hip harness to give your lamb a boost as it learns to walk on that cast. It will save your back, make it easier to keep up with the lamb as it takes steps and be more ergonomic as a rehab aid. (I work in human rehab and my brain won’t shut off when it comes to stuff like this).I hope now that it’s casted up through the hip it’s able to heal. I love that you’re trying so hard and always open to learning.
Cherri Poe
Cherri Poe Muaj më parë
I've come back to rewatch this. I was stunned by the birth of the most perfect beautiful lamb, pure in its innocence, taken so quickly by death. What an Easter message this was to me.
Soaring Kite
Soaring Kite Muaj më parë
Oh, how I would love to babysit your lambs!
PUJA_ KESUMA Muaj më parë
Wow..! Sandy you very amazing, I'm from Indonesia,, you're good!!!
Denise Day
Denise Day Muaj më parë
Did the lamb that you referred to as half a lamb make it? I know it's 2 siblings were much bigger than it was. It was so cute! 🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑
Linn Soltwedel
Linn Soltwedel Muaj më parë
I just want to let you know that you are a highlight of my day. Watching you with your animals makes me smile so much and makes me feel so happy in an otherwise hectic world. I could never be a Sheep farmer though, I would name them all and never be able to part ways with them :P
oxin Muaj më parë
you should put some toys in for the lambs :) theyll probably have lots of fun
oxin Muaj më parë
what does one do with lambs that die?
Teresa Leach
Teresa Leach Muaj më parë
So sad...
barb judson
barb judson Muaj më parë
When using the resuscitator does extending it pull the mucous out? If so maybe you should end with a pull not a push 🤔 🐑
Dawn Schoonover
Dawn Schoonover Muaj më parë
What happens to all the dead lambs, when its obvious its not an illness?
Lucy Atkinson Lucytim
Lucy Atkinson Lucytim Muaj më parë
We have got one of them milking machines they are so good they save so much time and money highly recommended x
The Sheep Game
The Sheep Game Muaj më parë
Love that new pump Sandi!! Makes it look so EZ...... 😁
Sapphira's mama
Sapphira's mama Muaj më parë
With Lucy licking the little lambs, its because the babies are covered in pheromones (I think this was it) and the dog can go crazy for this. It happened in a Bondi Vet episode many years back where a dog would excessively lick newborn calves. They had to rub the poor calf in a special ointment that tasted fowl to the dog and it worked. The dog stopped excessively licking the calves. Now I am not saying that this is the case here but it is something to keep an eye out for.
Laura Scherle
Laura Scherle Muaj më parë
You absolutely amaze me🥰👏👏👏 You saved 2 out of 3 of those lambs and the Mom too👏👏👏 I love watching you grow and you’re always open to new ideas🥰. Your sheep are lucky to have you👏👍❣️
Ronald Michael
Ronald Michael Muaj më parë
Are they Dorper breed?
rob w
rob w Muaj më parë
you do a great job assisting birth. You might want to try assisting people births Maaam =)
Sha Phillips
Sha Phillips Muaj më parë
This is the first vlog that ive seen you put a cast on a lamb. It was a life saver. My 6 week old doeling (baby girl goat) got her foot stuck between some wood and either sprained or broke one of her front legs. I was able to splint her up. I know she will be fine.
Rosann M
Rosann M Muaj më parë
I appreciate your videos. I'm in the middle of kidding and had a couple of difficult ones that I had to pull. It's reassuring to watch and learn. I bought a Dansha Farm pump milker (hand pump) because of a similar big teated doe and it worked great, plus my girls give over one liter and I can change out the container and then continue milking. I raise dairy goats
Marie Wintersteen
Marie Wintersteen Muaj më parë
😥so sorry about the baby!
Elizabeth Diaz
Elizabeth Diaz Muaj më parë
Hi excellent work!! I have a question what pump did you use to chelo the sheep breath ???
SJVChE Muaj më parë
Time to make Roquefort cheese.
Pippa Kay
Pippa Kay Muaj më parë
I think Uniek takes first prize in the farting contest.🤣🤣🤣🤣
Mindy Mills
Mindy Mills Muaj më parë
I loved watching the EZ milker at work! I've read good things about them, but it was really cool to see you use it. Awesome!
Nesrin Karakuşcu
Nesrin Karakuşcu Muaj më parë
Hello sandi Türkiye ankara
Lina To
Lina To Muaj më parë
I’ve seen calves swung by their feet to help them breathe, wouldn’t this work on lambs?
BootScootinBoo Muaj më parë
Seeing them coming out so bloody makes me so worried, I imagine it might make you too.
Cameryn Reppond
Cameryn Reppond Muaj më parë
You: showing the lamb Me: watching the ewe behind her poop Time:19:52
barbarannie Muaj më parë
Sandy the man I was referrring to with Justin Rhodes is Greg Cherry. He has a HUGE sheep farm and said he iss not able to attend all births so only the strong and healthy live. His flock is pasture raised 100%. There now I know.
Derrick Thomas
Derrick Thomas Muaj më parë
Can we please name the one Vanilly to be with Milly?
Derrick Thomas
Derrick Thomas Muaj më parë
This is what happens when i comment before the end of the video LOL
Pamela Skwat
Pamela Skwat Muaj më parë
Sorry for your loss God has a reason every we don.t know my son only born try even have own family try depend how some women way we i had tilted uterious who know take care
Pamela Skwat
Pamela Skwat Muaj më parë
Thier so sweet i bought my stuffed animal sheep my dog
Sky Werewolf
Sky Werewolf Muaj më parë
The dog in the background:gets in the pen. The sheep:What is that that's a wired sheep.
Greg & Peggy Campbell
Greg & Peggy Campbell Muaj më parë
Good job
Dawn Hoover
Dawn Hoover Muaj më parë
Sandi, you helped me save a ewe and her huge ram lamb yesterday! I have learned so much from your videos!
Sue B-T
Sue B-T Muaj më parë
never mind, had the vet out everything is fine
Sue B-T
Sue B-T Muaj më parë
question for you Sandi, does labor ever stall after a ewe has twins? I could swear my ewe has one more in their moving around but my daughter checked her and couldn't feel anything.
Some place At the Leap
Some place At the Leap Muaj më parë
Hi Sandi. I know u tried but consider the positioning of the lamb when resusitating. The aiway is a tube, kinking it might b stopping u from achieving a bettrer result.
Joyce T
Joyce T Muaj më parë
You tried your best to save that lamb. Look at your pen of lambs. That shows you the success you have in lambing!
Charleen Cotter
Charleen Cotter Muaj më parë
I LOVE spending time watching your videos. You are the BEST!! Your devotion is amazing!! I could never do what you do!! I appreciate you! Think happy thoughts! loveyouMORE
Niknes Liantan
Niknes Liantan Muaj më parë
Musim berganti, salju mulai hilang. Kambing mulai melahirkan.
Dave and Jane Living The Dream
Dave and Jane Living The Dream Muaj më parë
Great Stuff, mine started yesterday, had the usual, tragic starts and ended up with the usual wonderful Joys...A day in the life of...US!😉
C G Muaj më parë
What do u do with all those cute sheep ??wool n mik ??
Trevor Cox (student)
Trevor Cox (student) Muaj më parë
Molly and Milly
deb2574 Muaj më parë
I love Pearls nose, looks like a little heart
Debs V
Debs V Muaj më parë
Yeah I have an issue with reading all the instructions........if I'd read the instructions I wouldn't have married my first husband!😂😂
Wanda Botms
Wanda Botms Muaj më parë
You know what, you deserve this and you need this good morning and have a beautiful day.
Anna Marie
Anna Marie Muaj më parë
I have been watching your videos and enjoying every one of them! I love sheep and always have. I love how you handle them, you are so gentle and sweat. My favorite is the lambing. I know that part of sheep farming some don’t make it and others have to go, it is the cycle of life. God gave them to us to enjoy, to clothe us with their wool and to feed us. If I was younger, I’d love to come out and spend time with you and help out! Keep up your beautiful work!
Marcia Borg
Marcia Borg Muaj më parë
Loved how u said remember me to the ewe which u had helped her delivered her babies.
Jenn C
Jenn C Muaj më parë
Im making money from viewer"s these babies will die. You like that????
Jenn C
Jenn C Muaj më parë
Are you all out of your minds these are farmed animals they will die in the next few months??? Really are you all Vegans or just like to watch lambs die and mom sheep??????????
Jenn C
Jenn C Muaj më parë
Yup ALpost shes only playing on your emotions the lambs end up meat and so do the moms that dont produce.
Jenn C
Jenn C Muaj më parë
Sandi just say it as it is these are farmed animals no life just meat to well mostly dogs and cats.
Daasmangi DIGBY Holeong
Daasmangi DIGBY Holeong Muaj më parë
How lucky are these sheep.. I just think of all the sheep here in Australia who are birthed out in the open fields with no assistance..
Jenn C
Jenn C Muaj më parë
So here we go again factory farmed lambs... Smell and taste like urea grow up in it for 4 months. Play on your emotions and get ALpost revenue. Lambs end up ad pwt food. Only grass fed lambs end up in restaurants. All these kids die.
Jenn C
Jenn C Muaj më parë
Really ... More urine and feces smelling lambs ummm for pet food. Ummm yeah put them on grass we dont need anymore stressed out critters in pens. You got hundteds of acres why the cheap shots??? Urea smelling meat??
Tricia Muaj më parë
My god why u throw the 3rd 1 done like wtf, we seen it. God has it now.
Natasha Webb
Natasha Webb Muaj më parë
Recently came across your channel, absolutely fell in love, subscribed, the farm reminds me of my childhood in NZ spending time on farms in holidays with family 😀
Becky Bates-Henricks
Becky Bates-Henricks Muaj më parë
I have never been around sheep, but I am enjoying your ewes. Do the ewes go outside in the summer? Listening to the birds is awesome to hear! Well enjoy your babies and girls. Us from Michigan
Fish-n-fun Vlogs
Fish-n-fun Vlogs Muaj më parë
Will you cut the lamb tails
Cricket 2731
Cricket 2731 Muaj më parë
That milker was a life saver! On a similar note, it's far better to have 2 live lambs + mom, than 4 fatalities. Considering the circumstances, you done good!!!!!
Jos Entius
Jos Entius Muaj më parë
Hello Sandy ,amazing thing the handpomp where can i buy one?
M Usman Tariq
M Usman Tariq Muaj më parë
Zohair Petiwala
Zohair Petiwala Muaj më parë
Sheep's meat is very good for health but not the milk, don't include sheep's milk in your daily diet, not good for health, best milk is cow's milk, very healthy.
David Lucas
David Lucas Muaj më parë
You are very good at what you do Sandi
Ann Smith
Ann Smith Muaj më parë
Morning Sandi ,I love your channel,it’s such hard work but so rewarding,sending love Ann uk xx
Darlene Agena-Hombaker
Darlene Agena-Hombaker Muaj më parë
I just recently found your channel and have really enjoyed watching. I appreciate your hard work, strength, and honesty. Most people don't realize how hard it is to do what you do. PS: Pearl is the most beautiful baby!
terri lepine
terri lepine Muaj më parë
Even with the best equipment, you can't save them all. You did your best
Gloria Dennis Gibson
Gloria Dennis Gibson Muaj më parë
That last baby is huge
Paperwing Muaj më parë
19:50 Mum nervously looking at Sandi then licking her baby, “I licked it, it’s mine!!”
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