I think she had QUINTUPLETS!!... (but something awesome happened!) | SPRING LAMBING 2021 | Vlog 434

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Sandi Brock

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I think I had my first set of QUINTUPLETS today!! The only problem, or maybe solution... is another ewe I think took as her own! Which is totally awesome as mom only had a single!!!
And, that kind of luck is very atypical for me!!
Still doing lots of investigating on this lamb with what now looks to be a broken leg. And the story doesn't end here.
#lambing #sheep #farming

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Adrienne Nelson
Adrienne Nelson 4 orë më parë
The second to last lamb you bottle fed had the sweetest "milk drunk" face.
No Name
No Name 2 ditë më parë
Video is super low
CstAr44 B
CstAr44 B 6 ditë më parë
More animal filming please..! Feels like we watch her react to everything instead of seeing the animals.
Annika Åberg
Annika Åberg 11 ditë më parë
nuddles for legs is just to funny XD
Diane Lalonde
Diane Lalonde 12 ditë më parë
Oh, please stop moving that broken leg. It keeps squirming when you handle it. I can feel the pain that it's going through. Tks
Diane Lalonde
Diane Lalonde 12 ditë më parë
Glad to see the little lamb get a cast. Hopefully it will be resolved soon. Love your channel. ❤🐑🐑❤🐑❤🐑❤🐑❤🐑❤🐑
Gary Cooper
Gary Cooper 12 ditë më parë
You need to get someone to come in and shoot them all
Artist Irma Felicia Rodriguez Carey
Artist Irma Felicia Rodriguez Carey 15 ditë më parë
Hi Sandi, Thanks for sharing, I am learning a lot about the different breeds, hazards, preventative measures, medicines, vaccinations, delivery, feeding, etc... I am familiar as I use to have a small farm. But learning so much more. Thanks again, Hugs and Blessings
Rachael Longobardi
Rachael Longobardi 18 ditë më parë
Ha Sandi ur amazing and watching this video I had a thought, ur nest cameras do they record ur footage and save it at all because if they do u certainly could look back and to see if mum did step on that lamb or if something else happened, if you don’t save the footage it might be a handy tool and I know that storing all that video would require a lot of extra hardware but u could maybe set it up so that u keep footage for maybe a week after a week it’s deleted and start again, just an idea...... lots of love rach Australia XX
Roni Chapman
Roni Chapman 19 ditë më parë
Hip out of socket?
Sd Unger
Sd Unger 20 ditë më parë
Questions..why don't you always have a set of gloves in your pockets? I noticed that you don't always use them. Also, isn't it dangerous to wear your bracelets when you are doing an internal?? How do you dispose of the stillborn lambs??
honey owen
honey owen 23 ditë më parë
Do you amputate if the animals need it? How do you "put them down"?
Cj 26 ditë më parë
Maybe wrap upper leg/hip in a figure 8. (Around body). Would give better support and stability.
Zachy And Lizzy
Zachy And Lizzy 27 ditë më parë
I used to help farm goats on my moms farm and since getting married I moved to cali... my husband doesn't understand why I love this channel to much can't wait to own my own farm and hopefully start with sheep too
Sherry Saunders
Sherry Saunders 27 ditë më parë
You are so kind Sandi. I love you
Nanabug 27 ditë më parë
I had calves with white muscle, I didn’t know lambs could have it as well.
Dionne Cornett
Dionne Cornett 27 ditë më parë
Puppy love is always appreciated ... remember to stay safe and stay blessed
Karen Ulibarri
Karen Ulibarri 29 ditë më parë
I just found your channel and I'm so fascinated!
Andrew Hildebrand
Andrew Hildebrand Muaj më parë
So I’m just curious, we never see you deal with the umbilical cord. How do you handle that? Is there an umbilical cord when the lambs are born??
Tonni L Callan
Tonni L Callan Muaj më parë
I had a Siberian Husky do a "Lucy". He was about 4 months old and on a leash. He ran, hit the end of the 26 ft leash and went airborne. He screamed bloody murder, I carried him back to the house to call the vet. While I was calling, he got up and started barrelling around the kitchen. I was traumatized!
cheongyei Muaj më parë
The background sounds should be taped for a horror film.
Josephine Fundenberger
Josephine Fundenberger Muaj më parë
at 5:00
Rosa Graham
Rosa Graham Muaj më parë
Never thought that would find this interesting...wondering what you are birthing so many for? What type of cliental enquire? This a question from a NON FARMER but do love the idea.. sadly living in the city... that is not possible.
Catelynn-Jade Lowell
Catelynn-Jade Lowell Muaj më parë
How many sheep do you have
Kaci Holland
Kaci Holland Muaj më parë
Love your videos!
Julia Nolan
Julia Nolan Muaj më parë
A warm congratulations to your lovely farm. Great joy but hard work as ever. Sending lots of heart and strength from Australia.
Noluthando Skepe
Noluthando Skepe Muaj më parë
I wish you can send me a book where you write all the tips
Noluthando Skepe
Noluthando Skepe Muaj më parë
Sandi you excellent, you talk protect and you also a doctor, a mother to your stock
m no farmer ---but seems cruel to leave a broken leg.....or even put them down for broken legs----if u dont want them seems a rescue would
wouldnt you call a vet?
Laura Farrington
Laura Farrington Muaj më parë
Impressive! Thx for your TLC 😌
Carola Beck Wingert
Carola Beck Wingert Muaj më parë
Are they always locked inside? The babies are precious
4BetterEd Muaj më parë
I'm happy to see you so confident at reviving cold babies. A few weeks ago you weren't!
Carol Reid
Carol Reid Muaj më parë
That white lamb that you turned around is so strong! Just seemed to shake off being born as if it were an itch or something. I just found your channel. I've never raised sheep, yet have thought about it. So far loving your channel. Great channel, as you're showing problem solving. Thanks for sharing!
Debra Olsen
Debra Olsen Muaj më parë
You have a busy life
Beverly Webster
Beverly Webster Muaj më parë
Wow!! Busy ewes, determined lambs. So grateful Lucy appears to be doing fine. Sure enough, when babies are startled by something they haven't experienced before, even if they are okay, you are right, they start crying and it escalates as they seem to milk it for all it is worth. Then sometimes, they react to the actions of the parent(s) or both. I know you still have your eye on her. Honey, you have been having some interesting births going on. The lamb you had in the cage in the warming room was trying to get up with the casts on in the cage behind you when you were working on the lamb you had just brought in ..... or so it looked to this inexperienced subscriber. Though I'm getting pretty familiar with terms, names, training, etc after a year and a half or so, I'm still only aware of some things in my heart and from watching. But it makes me feel good when I find myself thinking, "O, it needs Selenium " or "That ewe looks like she may have pregtox (spelling wrong)" or "Sandi's going to take that one to the warming room". I'm not always right, but you keep teaching and I am enjoying learning. I'm not gagging anymore at times. LOL!! I have such high regard for your integrity and honesty. You still are pretty hard on yourself, but you are getting better about that and seem to be taking in the wisdom, respectful, affectionately genuine comments that are sent to you. We do love and admire you, Sandi, and your family, Karrisa/Carissa, as well as your friends, vets and pups. I melt watching Kinsey loving on the ewes. They seem to be waiting in line for their turn for kisses/affection. I put your channel in comments on a couple homesteaders I watch who need some education. Someone else did too on one of them. I think it was Justin Rhodes' channel. They ewes were lambing. There was a stuck situation and I'm telling him what to do and he needed to check with you. As it turned out, he did something right and all was good. His oldest son, Jonah, I think he is 11-12, seems to be a natural with all the farm animals. Also, Good Simple Living (?) with Jeremy & Melissa and their 4 children. They have the cutest looking sheep. First to lamb, delivered her lamb so easily and immediately ran away. Would not let the baby near her! They bottle fed. Mommy is casual now, but not ready to bond. Anyway, your name was given to them, too. So, if you get posts from them, I'm guilty and half guilty. 😁😁. Please take good care. God bless, love and blessings to all of you. You are so dear to my heart!! This is your 82 year old subby that has a goofy personality - no drinking, no drugs, just goofy at times. I have a habit of thinking I'm funny and forget you don't know me. I apologize, Sandi. 🐑🐶🐏🕊🙏🕊🥰 So, the warming room is where you enter the barn area and your office is now "above" the warming room.
Fonta Urantija
Fonta Urantija Muaj më parë
it OBVIOUS leg is broken and poor baby in horrible pain ....and you need to pull only then sheep pushing...if you pulling then she don't push you can tear uterus ( i'm vet)
Mary Wright
Mary Wright Muaj më parë
I wouldnt have taken the cast off that the vet did
Crafty Quilter
Crafty Quilter Muaj më parë
Lucy is a Drama queen! LOL
RandomHippie Muaj më parë
New sub. I love your energy ♥️✌🏼
Mary Barratt
Mary Barratt Muaj më parë
You certainly have your work cut out at lambing time. You are very committed to them and I love Lucy she is wonderful. TFS
Michelle Gravolin
Michelle Gravolin Muaj më parë
So cruel to be repetitively fiddling with it just to show US it was broken!! Stop focusing on us and give pain control to the poor lamb. What’s wrong with you?
Michelle Gravolin
Michelle Gravolin Muaj më parë
STOP FIDDLING WITH THAT LEG! She’s obviously in PAIN and trying to get AWAY from you! And why do you need a vet to tell you she needs a PAIN KILLER!!! Just cruel!
Kaci Holland
Kaci Holland Muaj më parë
If you don't care for live stock, then why watch a channel about raising live stock?🤦‍♀️ Just save yourself the trouble and scroll on to a video about something you do like next time.
Michelle Gravolin
Michelle Gravolin Muaj më parë
@Kaci Holland we don’t need to eat livestock; it’s a choice, and that choice has victims
Michelle Gravolin
Michelle Gravolin Muaj më parë
@Kaci Holland she had already assessed the injury - she was just showing us - nothing related to assessment or treatment
Kaci Holland
Kaci Holland Muaj më parë
We do need to farm live stock to feed people. Farmers are important!
Kaci Holland
Kaci Holland Muaj më parë
No, I'm saying I don't see any cruelty with what she did. She assessed the injury and called the vet, which is what farmers do. If she didn't care then she would of left the sheep laying in pain or put it down.
Julie Brothers
Julie Brothers Muaj më parë
5 Yuo
Kathy Hermann
Kathy Hermann Muaj më parë
Do they have after birth
Mrs king Kong
Mrs king Kong Muaj më parë
I'm such a softy.....starting homesteading this year🤣💖
Mrs king Kong
Mrs king Kong Muaj më parë
Aww I want that baby!! I'll let it sleep with me and take care of it!!😢
Karen Cote
Karen Cote Muaj më parë
Just started viewing, thought Lucy was your daughter, i was like wow survival of the fittest!
Robin D
Robin D Muaj më parë
Love that last one with the black face and knees... very cool and unusual markings!!!🙏❤️
Gee Gee
Gee Gee Muaj më parë
Do they go out to pasture???
Carol Bulmer
Carol Bulmer Muaj më parë
It’s amazing to me how you keep these ewes straight😉
K H Muaj më parë
I have been lurking on your videos for a week. I wasn't going to subscribe but I realized how much I enjoy seeing your smile!! The joy you have at seeing the lambs, even at what must be 1000s, keeps me coming back. Thank you for sharing what you love ❤
Sophia D'Addario
Sophia D'Addario Muaj më parë
You should call your barn “the lamb bar” during lambing, you gotta make sure everyone has a drink!
Michelle Bolen
Michelle Bolen Muaj më parë
Lucy the drama queen rofl.
Frederika27 Muaj më parë
The lamb in the cage background at 3:50 wants to be feed! She's in her me want some, human! Just too cute. That lamb is singing "I will survive!"
Dee Marie Dubois
Dee Marie Dubois Muaj më parë
You saved those twins and momma. You really are doing a remarkable job.
Charlie Clark
Charlie Clark Muaj më parë
Love it wow you got your hands full...
Johanna Hertzberg
Johanna Hertzberg Muaj më parë
Just started to follow your channel from sweden and Im not a farmer of anykind but I do find your work and life inspiering! 🐑
Samantha Harvey
Samantha Harvey Muaj më parë
Try a Timothy splint for that broken like it will make a huge difference
Samantha Harvey
Samantha Harvey Muaj më parë
Broken leg*
Lut Cillen
Lut Cillen Muaj më parë
First of all, I have no experience with animals whatsoever. I am just wondering: Would the use of an infrared lamp be a quicker way to warm up and, hence, allow quicker feeding of the lamb so it can gain strength asap?
m Pedmar
m Pedmar Muaj më parë
Lucy probably got the wind knocked out of her. Hence the screaming and on the way in her lungs relaxed and it was easier to breathe then back to normal. If it's anything like humans getting the wind knocked out of them, I completely understand. I still remember getting kicked in the chest by someone on a swing . Threw me several feet and my chest seized up like someone had a fist squeezing my lungs . Not fun at all , my first breathe of air and I was screaming in pain.
Lamar Johnson
Lamar Johnson Muaj më parë
Every time you open the door, cold air comes into the room. Especially when it is snowing outside. That is not good for the lambs that need warmth and special help. You might want to change your nursery to another room.
Eduardo Rivas
Eduardo Rivas Muaj më parë
I put a bar around the hip and down the leg and stretch the leg out. I then make sure bar is strapped around the hips. Lambs grow so fast that in about 2 weeks it will be healed enough but I wait 3 weeks.
Canadian Lady
Canadian Lady Muaj më parë
That was so beautiful to see Kinsey licky the ewe...I love to see this interaction
kissmemonster Muaj më parë
you play music in the barn? that’s awesome
J Deveraux
J Deveraux Muaj më parë
Sandi, I just discovered your channel and now i'm absolutely addicted. I LOVE sheep and I wish that I could have some but after all the reading/research I've done, I've come to the conclusion that I cannot. I am on a desperate search to find my most local "rescue farm" and see if I can just start donating/becoming involved with them instead.
MARLENE Kutcher Muaj më parë
Wishing your family a happy Easter weekend. Thanks so much Sandi for all you are doing to take care of your sheep. You are educating the masses all over the world. Keeping it real and not being afraid to seek help or sugarcoat the reality of life and death on the farm. I'm so proud to recommend your channel. 🇨🇦🇨🇦❤️❤️
Open Gate Farmstead
Open Gate Farmstead Muaj më parë
14:36 Melts my whole heart!!
Jackie Fris
Jackie Fris Muaj më parë
Poor Lucy. What a drama queen. Just likes to scare Mark. This lambing nearly over. So much work to do. I know you really miss Carissa. You have not had time to work on your attic. 🤪🥰😍
Toyka Williams
Toyka Williams Muaj më parë
Sandi, you are an amazing Woman & Sheppard/Farmer!!
Krysty McIntyre
Krysty McIntyre Muaj më parë
You are outstanding. We are on this journey with you, and your authenticity and transparency are exactly what we non farmers need to see. You're teaching us as you learn, and we're learning things beyond 'how to care for sheep'. I am addicted to watching you now, and that's pretty crazy. Just, thank you so much for your channel, and for showing us what a real person can be like. With your mistakes, and your honesty about learning and how you know you need to change this or that. Amazing stuff here, you're giving us gold. "Those that mind don't matter, and those that matter don't mind".
Tracy Bagwell
Tracy Bagwell Muaj më parë
You are killing me. When I start learn farming stuff. I hope you will let me volunteer. For educational credit...if they require it.
Jill Alexander
Jill Alexander Muaj më parë
They sound and are so cute!
Mumford Hound
Mumford Hound Muaj më parë
I just discovered your vlog. I love love love how passionate you are about your sheep farm and how fun and gentle you see with each lamb. Do you just breed or do you also keep them for wool or eating? Thanks for sharing your business and it’s day to day experiences.
YAH'S MESSENGER Muaj më parë
And being in the small pin it is easy for the mom to step on the babies.
YAH'S MESSENGER Muaj më parë
I always have a hard time reconciling People who can be happy to welcome life and yet can "Put down" life that they had no part in creating. God Yahweh gives life and takes away...not man. But Business calls the Shots. But not in the end!
Judy Fey
Judy Fey Muaj më parë
You are an amazing woman to do the job that your doing! 🐑 Take care!
Natasha Webb
Natasha Webb Muaj më parë
Sandy have you tried Steel Blue boots? I'm living in Australia I work in the workwear industry and just watching a video from 2 weeks ago where you mention wearing in new Redback boots 😀
NM tmblwd
NM tmblwd Muaj më parë
Would there not be a way to separate them overnight so if they give birth there is no confusion on whose lamb(s) are whose? Blessings🙏🏼.
Lorna Hayne
Lorna Hayne Muaj më parë
What do you raise your sheep for?meat ,wool ,or both?I am very concerned for the quality of life and humane slaughter for all,animals xo
Ali Razmjou
Ali Razmjou Muaj më parë
Thank you so much for this video متشکرم
Shirley Jean Pilger
Shirley Jean Pilger Muaj më parë
I got your channel recommended and decided to watch a few episodes. I'm so glad I did. You are a special person. You're really attached to your animals. Everyone of them is like your child. How can anyone not love a person that loves her animals that much? As for mental illness, I think most are very intelligent, very compassionate and very self sacrificing. That definitely describes you. I hope you believe you are special.
Barbie4U2 Muaj më parë
Does she have eczema? The patch on her neck looks really painful. There’s treatment for that 👍🏻
Linda Latham
Linda Latham Muaj më parë
Is that a business??
Linda Latham
Linda Latham Muaj më parë
Why did you keep that baby lame in the cage??????🤔
Courtnie Blazek
Courtnie Blazek Muaj më parë
I'd check that last ewe for worms. She seems to have a bottle jaw
Lori Lenny
Lori Lenny Muaj më parë
That ewe looked at you with such gratitude when you assisted in the birth of the two girl lambs. The ewe was obviously suffering. I don't think that would have made it without your help.
I love the black and white ones ! What a lot of work you do !
Hailey UK
Hailey UK Muaj më parë
Hi from the UK, I just found Your channel tonight, I'm not a farmer, no idea about farms tbh, but I'm drawn to your channel, the care, love and hard work you do for Your animals is heart Warming. I think I've watched over six hours in one go. Ur doing a great job, not that I'm any expert 😊👍
Malika Ann Noyez
Malika Ann Noyez Muaj më parë
Why don't you put all the moms separate? So you don't have that confusion.
Vicki Porter
Vicki Porter Muaj më parë
Sandi, I prefer goat farms but you are my favorite. You remind me of me with a mission
Kaleb Walston
Kaleb Walston Muaj më parë
You could also try when wrapping her leg to wrap her belly with that same wrap! I know lambs and dogs are different but my 5 month old puppy broke her femur bone:( and had to have a splint on for 4 weeks and the vet had to do a belly wrap or otherwise the splint would fall down. Good luck!:)
J andMC
J andMC Muaj më parë
Have a great Easter!! God Bless you and your family!
Mrs. Garcia
Mrs. Garcia Muaj më parë
Sandi where do you get your coveralls? We’re built similarly , I’m 6’ almost and you look tall too, men’s fit badly and women’s aren’t long enough in the torso.
Spicymeme Muaj më parë
I really love your videos! Super interesting :) i was curious for what purpose you raise sheep. Is it for milk, meat, wool? Im not sure haha. Keep em videos coming! :)
Signed by E
Signed by E Muaj më parë
To be honest I’m a 17 year old who has only ever seen a sheep in a farm and yet I watch these videos every day without fail 😂 lobe this channel xx
Kelly Van Winkle
Kelly Van Winkle Muaj më parë
Don't put it to sleep im in tears hoping I can make it to the end to find out
Julianne Harris
Julianne Harris Muaj më parë
If Lucy ends up having any pain when she lays or sits in certain positions or her breathing ends up being weird, u might need to get her checked for a diaphragmatic hernia. I had a hound who was a fence climber and she jumped from the top of a 6 foot fence & she ended up tearing her diaphragm & having a diaphragmatic hernia. She yelped and cried for a few minutes like Lucy did and then she ran off and seemed ok. She was sitting a little weird for a few days and acted like she was kind of trying to stretch her torso out some as she would sit. But she seemed fine after 2 days so I thought all was ok. I took her to get spayed a few months later & the vet couldn’t hear any lung sounds on one side. Xrays showed she had a diaphragmatic hernia & 2/3’s of her liver was in the chest cavity where the one lung was supposed to be. The lung had collapsed. The vet did surgery right away and she was ok but she ended up re-herniating her diaphragm a year later jumping (again 🤦‍♀️) off of the deck). She had surgery again and she lived to be 12 years old. I wanted to mention this as I had no idea she had a diaphragmatic hernia the first time as she seemed fine.
Crying Broken
Crying Broken Muaj më parë
Forgive me, but I prefer to make my own healthcare choices, and if I felt I need to get the vaccine, I'm not going to tell others whether they need it or not. That's between them and their doctor to discuss.
PixiePrincessBrat Muaj më parë
Their first little baaas are so stinking cute! And the little black and white ewe lamb is beautiful!
Thirsty Boots
Thirsty Boots Muaj më parë
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