WHO'S YOUR DADDY? (it's NOT who you think...)😉 | SPRING LAMBING 2021 | Vlog 425

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Sandi Brock

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Into day three of lambing, and I think we may have run into a problem that I don't think I've seen before.
It started with my triplets born Sunday night... I found a mummified one in her pen the next morning.
I had another two Tuesday night, and discovered yet two more tonite.
So today means a chat with my vet to find some answers.
On a better note...
and it's not who you think.
#lambing2021 #sheep #farming

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Jackie Fris
Jackie Fris 3 ditë më parë
Yes you should listen to your body. It knows you best. 🥰
Emily Ugarte
Emily Ugarte 5 ditë më parë
i love to see your border collie run
Destiny 17 ditë më parë
Lovely job, all those lovely ewes and cute lambs. 🐑🐑🐑
Aaron Aakre
Aaron Aakre 21 ditë më parë
Ok I told thems eweies to make things easier for you but I don’t know if it helped or not lol
Sharon Green
Sharon Green 22 ditë më parë
:( where do they go when they are shipped ?
sabrina 1111
sabrina 1111 24 ditë më parë
Those black triplets are so gorgeous!
Wendy Ganel
Wendy Ganel 24 ditë më parë
To me, you are Superwoman! You make me want to be a sheep farmer. Since I'm 66, I guess it's just a pipe dream, but fun to think about. At least it gave my grandkids a good laugh when I mentioned it😊
Lynda Kempland
Lynda Kempland 27 ditë më parë
I bet you're tired. I get tired just watching.
Lady Hughes
Lady Hughes Muaj më parë
Sheep only have 2 teets?
Lady Hughes
Lady Hughes Muaj më parë
Lambs are born with ling tails???? I'm Learning a lot !
Linda A
Linda A Muaj më parë
So pretty on four hours sleep.
Linda A
Linda A Muaj më parë
City girl here. I thought the momma was looking for a place to eat, not have a baby. Goes to show at 68, this gal can learn new things.
Linda A
Linda A Muaj më parë
Thank you for sharing your life with us.
natalie Stevens
natalie Stevens Muaj më parë
Do the mums and babies get confused with who belongs to who??
natalie Stevens
natalie Stevens Muaj më parë
Iv become a little obsessed with your videos. I miss living near the country. I used to love all this. Xx
Ev Palfy
Ev Palfy Muaj më parë
You are awesome
jnl Muaj më parë
why do u dock the tails?
Vickie Lall
Vickie Lall Muaj më parë
04-04-21 Texas I love your channel ..the black lambs are so cute!! ..
Jaydaydesign Muaj më parë
Those are the cutest triplets xxx
ayronsmama05 Muaj më parë
Oh my gosh this is so amazing!! I am sooo in love!!!
Beate Wester
Beate Wester Muaj më parë
Soo cute - all your videos are great to watch. Meanwhile it's like a drug for me that I must watch you with your sheeps every day. Just great. Thank you so much for sharing. Best wishes from a german woman who lives in town and dreams of living with animals in the countryside. Stay healthy in these times ... and God bless your power and strength :-)
Diane Bannister
Diane Bannister Muaj më parë
Those black and white little baby sheep 🐑 🐑 are soooo cute! I never saw any like that before. I never thought I'd be into watching sheep videos. Since I watch animal videos, it came up on my feed. Sandi sure loves and well cares for those lambs.
Linda Clarkq
Linda Clarkq Muaj më parë
When and how do you dock tails..?
Mary Gerlach
Mary Gerlach Muaj më parë
Baby lambs have always been my favorite...
Dedra Fain
Dedra Fain Muaj më parë
I love your little dog!
Adrienne Ruetz
Adrienne Ruetz Muaj më parë
I imagine you stepping into the lambing pens to check for another lamb is like going to get a flu shot for the mama, you know what's gonna happen, you don't like what's gonna happen but it has to happen. 😂
Pat Sharp
Pat Sharp Muaj më parë
I get overwhelmed by the list of chores . . . do you ever get tired????
Sky Werewolf
Sky Werewolf Muaj më parë
"Who recognized the music that's playing" *Me slowly raising my hand*
Carmen Santiago
Carmen Santiago Muaj më parë
Poor sheeps they can't hardly walk.
Kathy Norris
Kathy Norris Muaj më parë
My step father had ramboule sheep. What kind of sheep do you run??
Maria Westman
Maria Westman Muaj më parë
How many lambs is normal for a sheep 🐑 to deliver? This is my very first time watching lambs being born... and when I saw numbers of lambs (5) coming out from this mother I started to feeling kind of sick (nerves) and my first thought was - this can’t be good or healthy. It’s something wrong about this... or am I wrong? Maybe it’s normal ? I think it’s pigs 🐖 who deliver many babies.
Straw Berry
Straw Berry Muaj më parë
What is a mummified baby?
Laura Dent
Laura Dent Muaj më parë
If I had to listen to those birds 24/7 I would go crazy 🤪
Helen Gay
Helen Gay Muaj më parë
Oh !!! If they are shearwell tags and applicator then we made them in my factory in the uk 🇬🇧
Rachel Ann
Rachel Ann Muaj më parë
I was told by my vet with my goats the stiffness is due to a vitamin E & selenium deficiency. Hope that helps a little.
Cynn's Life
Cynn's Life Muaj më parë
What causes a lamb to become mummified?
Ditte Holm Rasmussen
Ditte Holm Rasmussen Muaj më parë
There’s like one sheep there has a deeper voice than the others 🤣🤣
Barbara Squyres
Barbara Squyres Muaj më parë
Omg I can’t believe you work so hard. I love love the baby lambs!
Ellen Mccormick
Ellen Mccormick Muaj më parë
Hi I have just discovered your videos. I love them. I know how hard it is lambing. I used to live on islay in Scotland and helped with lambing. Very hard but satisfying work. You need to look after yourself though. Take a wee break.
sally google smith
sally google smith Muaj më parë
It's all lovely and charming until shipping the ewes comes up then it hits home what the probably means, I hate to think of them frightened in a slaughter house, I hope its quick and they're treated with kindness before
Jeannie Rickard
Jeannie Rickard Muaj më parë
I love love love the Suffolk babies! The first one is so ADORABLE!!! I NEED ONE! Were those shipped ewes open?
smiler Muaj më parë
Youre so calm. The lambs already trust you so deeply. Lovely to watch
Belal Hassan
Belal Hassan Muaj më parë
Hello, what is the use of cutting the tail of young sheep?
Don Martin
Don Martin Muaj më parë
New viewer. Love your channel. During Lambing season, what percentage of the ewes need your assistance to birth, and what percentage of newborn don't make it? Any relationship to those who need assistance and lamb loss? Thanks
Pumpup Jam
Pumpup Jam Muaj më parë
no bar ewu!!!! The lambs are so adorable, the babies. Triplets, singles, and doubles. I love sheep they are so docile. You work very hard to care for them. Do you raise them for wool or food?
NicolaiAAA Muaj më parë
I'm mildly disappointed that one of the top comments isn't, "And what does he do?" xD
Karen Hirschkorn
Karen Hirschkorn Muaj më parë
Awwww so precious! Just found your channel. Very peaceful and much appreciated in this hectic world! 🌷🐏🌷
Soaring Kite
Soaring Kite Muaj më parë
Ouch! Is it painful? Why cut off the tail?
erinn kemp
erinn kemp Muaj më parë
I wonder how she could afford such a nice production...😍😍
Elinora Billegaard
Elinora Billegaard Muaj më parë
6:52 i laughed so hard that i forgot her name but look at the dog XD
Ninja Dragon2319
Ninja Dragon2319 Muaj më parë
Why the rubber band? just curious
Kurt Porter
Kurt Porter Muaj më parë
Just recently subscribed you do a great job .First time ever seeing this,great video keep up the great work
Ga Bunnie
Ga Bunnie Muaj më parë
In this world today, I NEEDED to find your channel, and brand new lambs! Something GOOD IN OUR WORLD STILL!
Kathy C
Kathy C Muaj më parë
That little one you rescued thinks you're his mama!
Kitty Mervine
Kitty Mervine Muaj më parë
as someone that only felts little gnomes and animals from sheep wool, it's good to have this insight where it all starts!
Kitty Mervine
Kitty Mervine Muaj më parë
do your dogs ever tire?
Roger Hance
Roger Hance Muaj më parë
Little Savage lambs are so cute you should keep them Sandy
gabriella kadar
gabriella kadar Muaj më parë
I think you need black sheep. They appeal to your aesthetic.
Cayla Feeney
Cayla Feeney Muaj më parë
That first one u tagged had blue etes
Donna Cobb
Donna Cobb Muaj më parë
Need to keep the black lambs
Donna Cobb
Donna Cobb Muaj më parë
Love the music with videos
Donna Cobb
Donna Cobb Muaj më parë
Love the salt and pepper suffick lambs
Donna Cobb
Donna Cobb Muaj më parë
The new feeder boxes take up less room and much nicer appearance
North-n-South Homestead
North-n-South Homestead Muaj më parë
Chloe Edwards
Chloe Edwards Muaj më parë
Please number 8 was so protective when you let her out
leslie barger
leslie barger Muaj më parë
Can drink sheep milk
andj marn
andj marn Muaj më parë
This woman is so silly
lou williams
lou williams Muaj më parë
Hi we are brand new subscribers "HI" you are so cool, When did your boys escape.
Glenda Ruff
Glenda Ruff Muaj më parë
Take care of yourself. It is your channel.
TheTandumbs Muaj më parë
Sarah Austin
Sarah Austin Muaj më parë
Mama at 20:00 just laying there, "you can keep them, I'm good"
Smilinwolfette Muaj më parë
I seriously cannot get enough of the cuteness💕❤️
phinox jones
phinox jones Muaj më parë
The lambs (lambing) are my favorite thing to see, but please please please get some rest! Videos every day is a christmas thing anyway 😉
Tarah Butler
Tarah Butler Muaj më parë
Love you keep referring to the prison break. Lol if ya don’t know what happened.
Claire Miller
Claire Miller Muaj më parë
Understand tiredness 😴💤
Mallory Myers
Mallory Myers Muaj më parë
All these oreo lambs are adorable.
Paul Hagerty
Paul Hagerty Muaj më parë
Too bad Carissa doesn't like the camera. She could do some of the vlog to give to time to relax a little.
Yuubi Timbergrim
Yuubi Timbergrim Muaj më parë
Dont rush yourself, make as many or little videos as you want & can do and DONT apologize for how your hands or you look. You are a hard working woman IN A BARN, of course dirt, shit and blood is there! I work as a warehouse worker and see the same, you cant avoid it getting dirty and hurt.
Dawson Tesdall
Dawson Tesdall Muaj më parë
11:02 I'm not new but😂😂😂😂😂
wolfgirl rocky
wolfgirl rocky Muaj më parë
Hey we're is ruby
planetcrochet Muaj më parë
“Baa baa black sheep have you any wool?”.... “Yes Mama Yes Mama 3 in a little pen full!”.... 🐑🖤🐑
Rena P.
Rena P. Muaj më parë
So you can Set Billys on the black suffix ? For more dark Babys ? 😍
Susan Marsh
Susan Marsh Muaj më parë
Toxoplasma Gondii is hosted by birds as well as other mammals. Could easily be the cause of the mummified lambs.
Susan Marsh
Susan Marsh Muaj më parë
Just wondering if there is a distinct correlation between the ewes culled for udder faults and the number of lambs they have raised in total?
Melissa Jarvis
Melissa Jarvis Muaj më parë
Sandi, question: What's with the ewe that has long wool and blue paint on her back, but is in with the pregnant ewes? Edit: Never mind - you just explained! 🤣😁
PinkRoses Muaj më parë
Correct me if I’m wrong but is this a really good lambing group? From your videos the ewes & lambs look so good. Great job Sandi🙂
Sadie B
Sadie B Muaj më parë
Ok so Billy is not the Dad but they are sooo cute!! I think I want to come back as a sheep farmer.🙏🏼❤️🕊✝️
Cricket 2731
Cricket 2731 Muaj më parë
Sandi, make as many or as few vlogs as you feel up to. We'll be glad for whatever you can manage!
Fright Bat
Fright Bat Muaj më parë
Oh my goodness, those little black lambs ♥️ And, I chuckled as you were putting the ewes and their lambs together. They were all checking each other out but also being protective. Before long the lambs will be a little gang of mischief, jumping all over the place while mums eat and chill out.
Steven Harris
Steven Harris Muaj më parë
Sandi enjoying your beautiful videos The thing that gets me is all the babies having problems coming out to the world and not being able to get to mothers milk 🥛 It’s also sad when you loose some or the mother decides not to keep one of their babies.Happy St. Patty’s Day ☘️
David Waddell
David Waddell Muaj më parë
Hey Sandi!👋 The lambs are looking good! Be safe and blessed! 😆❤👍
Cheif Waltz
Cheif Waltz Muaj më parë
I've been fighting myself to not buy tons of sheep instead of cattle 😂
Aria Wolf
Aria Wolf Muaj më parë
I love how you welcome each baby as it's born - especially the ones you had to assist with the delivery. I've been coiling my version of Sheepherding 101 (lol). One of the ailments that I am researching is retained placenta - and if my memory doesn't get enveloped in fog - you had mentioned it in the past. I have a question retained placenta. When ewes do not pass the placenta, is there anything that can be done to help the ewe to pass it? This may sound a bit funny, but I had retained placenta when I gave birth to my son. The OBGYN gave me - Petrossian (spelling and it caused me to encourage my body to continue with contractions, which, in turn, caused me to expel it. Is there anything similar to that labor-inducing med that the ewes can recover more quickly?
Daniel Tobias
Daniel Tobias Muaj më parë
Happy St. Patrick's Sandi.
Ann Mittelstadt
Ann Mittelstadt Muaj më parë
Hi Sandi, wow just WOW. Lambs are coming fast this time. You are such a great Sheepheardes. Keep up the awesome work.
Cindy Ings
Cindy Ings Muaj më parë
Absolutely love to see you working with your sheep!!! Lambs are so precious 😍 I can't get enough of them!! Thanks for another wonderful video. My days are complete with Sandi and her Sheep!! 🐑🐑🐑💖💖💖
Loma Rothmund
Loma Rothmund Muaj më parë
Got my wool balls today... awesome, thanks.
Stephanie Ellis
Stephanie Ellis Muaj më parë
I love how you ended with Baa Baa Black Sheep.
Sherrie Kropodra
Sherrie Kropodra Muaj më parë
OMG the first #7 baby to come out if the pen ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Rahab Von-Horn
Rahab Von-Horn Muaj më parë
I'm glad you have Carissa helping. It helps to take a little off your shoulders. What did the vet say bout the lambs? OH! What make & year of the tractor Mark's rebuilding?
Ge orgy
Ge orgy Muaj më parë
sounds like a lot of birds. at 12:00 one handed.
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