Close Encounters of the SHEEP Kind. (WARNING: MAY CAUSE SMILES.🥰) Vlog 422

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Somedays, I'm so glad I have my camera rolling. Today was one of those days. Mark and Jess visited me in the barn for some long overdue repairs, and I caught on of the most sweetest moments between Cinnamon and Lucy.
Today was also the day I vaccinated my next group of ewe lambs to be bred in April...
This took a bit longer than I thought. LOL.
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Linda 2 orë më parë
You had mentioned a few videos ago that you were having someone come in and see what could be done about the bird noise. What did they suggest?
Diane Schreader
Diane Schreader 19 ditë më parë
Sandi, the lamb whisperer. I love to watch you with those babies.
Gail Rodgers
Gail Rodgers 23 ditë më parë
I so love watching your videos. Yesterday was a grueling day and I was knackered and discouraged by the end of it. I watch 4 maybe more of your videos and seeing the lambs helped calm me and I went to bed and slept, where without having seen them jumping around and being so cute, I might have gone to bed and not been able to sleep. So thank you. Today was much better.
Amy and Mink
Amy and Mink 26 ditë më parë
They’re so cute and fat.
Ev Palfy
Ev Palfy 28 ditë më parë
Good morning, I love your background music it is amazing. Some of the other shows I have a really annoying music but yours is wonderful
Aunt Kaz
Aunt Kaz 29 ditë më parë
I have wondered about your dog. I have noticed her doing some things that I thought were startling to the sheep (when you seemed to need them calm) or maybe working at cross purposes to what you seemed to be doing at the time. Thanks for explaining the situation.
Straw Berry
Straw Berry Muaj më parë
I love the way you say the word out!
R. Melendez
R. Melendez Muaj më parë
i'm dying here watching you with the babies omgggggggg how adorable!
zane4utwo Muaj më parë
It's a process. They never stop learning. A good stock dog trainer can help you. It may be worth seeing what one could accomplish with her. Don't give up. They are never to old to learn!😊
Pauline Whitehouse
Pauline Whitehouse Muaj më parë
I love cinnamon, love her personality.
Adventures of Kiss
Adventures of Kiss Muaj më parë
Love watching your channel. You are so good to all the animals.
Niccole Aldrich
Niccole Aldrich Muaj më parë
Try giving her a new point to push the sheep to after you're done?
Cynn's Life
Cynn's Life Muaj më parë
Cinnamon was so precious with the little dog. She just wants to be friends. Awww
Teresa Leach
Teresa Leach Muaj më parë
Never any time for rest. 24 hours of ews.
Teresa Leach
Teresa Leach Muaj më parë
Love it...sure is a lot more work than I would have ever imagined!
Mousey Muaj më parë
When you said ‘loose in the caboose’ i about died
shepherdewan Muaj më parë
Sheep are clever not stupid
Phoppy Muaj më parë
the big head filter always gets me XD
Jean Fish
Jean Fish Muaj më parë
3yrs is young, invest in a month of training. Well worth the money
Robyn Shillabeer
Robyn Shillabeer Muaj më parë
How popular are you human mama to these sweetheart's just beautiful ❤️❤️
Karen's Country Living
Karen's Country Living Muaj më parë
I had a welsh corgi that would watch what we did, then you tell him to go get them and he would round up livestock by himself. He didn't have formal training, but smart as a whip! I think she didn't understand what you want. I have a Pit Bull who is dumb as a post, but wanted to help. If he doesn't understand a command, he licks your face. So cute, but not helpful. I think your dog is toward the upper end for sure. As others have said, training her would make her much more helpful. I'm in the same boat, though. I have a black lab/great pyrenees cross. Huge dog and so willing to work. I can train him myself, but classes would give me structure so I don't find reasons not to do it. Good luck with her!
Claire Finley
Claire Finley Muaj më parë
As a nurse I think it’s important to have equipment close so I’m suggesting you put it in an area you can grab it quickly . We even tape things to the wall so we can grab it quickly .
Kurt Porter
Kurt Porter Muaj më parë
Hahahah not my clitmita,I couldn’t stop laughing made my day
Lynette Gordon
Lynette Gordon Muaj më parë
The babies are soooo cute. What made you want to raise sheep?
Amber Smith
Amber Smith Muaj më parë
I'd have someone come help you train her if your not sure what to do. Not a fan of sending them to be trained. But she definitely can learn for sure
Monica G. Davis
Monica G. Davis Muaj më parë
Sandy you had so much “help” feeding that lamb. Awwwe I’m jealous.
Ida Schoenborn
Ida Schoenborn Muaj më parë
John Deere green! 💚
Ida Schoenborn
Ida Schoenborn Muaj më parë
Sandy you are so lucky you are tall with long legs so you can walk over the gates 😃
Terry Mitchell
Terry Mitchell Muaj më parë
What is with the suckling of earlobes? My little girl did that.
V Gil
V Gil Muaj më parë
I might get sick of those chattering birds.
Mindy Mills
Mindy Mills Muaj më parë
Sandi...take courage! Kenzie is not too old to learn to work. Find a very patient trainer and let kinzi go to "herding school" for a month or so. You will be amazed. $ well spent!
Mary Will Sussman
Mary Will Sussman Muaj më parë
I had a barn cat who would come down when I was bottle feeding and clean the lambs faces, especially the orphaned lambs. He would sleep in the sun with them as well, but the donkey didn't like him getting too comfortable , Sparkle the donkey would chase the cat out .
First Light
First Light Muaj më parë
All of us with "trained" dogs have always seem it. We just don't say anything. She's a good dog with no training.
Anita Snider
Anita Snider Muaj më parë
Wow!! Cinnamon has grown up so fast. What a beautiful girl ❤ ❤
Linda Muaj më parë
So if you inadvertently scanned a lamb twice does the computer program acknowledge that and delete the duplicate?
vetsrus31 Muaj më parë
So i have subtitles on. And everytime a Sheep bleats, it shows up as Applause on the screen. I am dying of laughter. Lol
Amanda Muaj më parë
It’s so satisfying watching them go as a group when you speed it up, hahaa
Alissa Merstrand
Alissa Merstrand Muaj më parë
No matter the age of a dog, they can be trained. Dont give up on it.
Me Him
Me Him Muaj më parë
Hi Sandi love the vids why do you trim the sheep's feet so often
Haley Spell
Haley Spell Muaj më parë
Do you have to do a yearly booster vaccine for the other ewes before breeding season?
Big Mamma
Big Mamma Muaj më parë
Dangerous is what I am what are you gonna do. Lol
willie collins
willie collins Muaj më parë
From watching Meredith and Rusty the lamb,i now see you as Granny to the lambs,it just makes it more special with your connection bottle feeding..... hey it's granny with our bottle yay xXx
Kevin Christiansen
Kevin Christiansen Muaj më parë
Tractor is looking great Mark
Kevin Christiansen
Kevin Christiansen Muaj më parë
Cute lambs Sandi
Kevin Christiansen
Kevin Christiansen Muaj më parë
Great job Mark putting the tpost in
Kevin Christiansen
Kevin Christiansen Muaj më parë
Great video Sandi
Marcelo Fuentes
Marcelo Fuentes Muaj më parë
Hello! Who parición for birth Thanks You👍👍
sotospt52 Muaj më parë
Sandy needles are inexpensive and by changing them every few ewe you're minimasing the possibility of cross contamination. As far as concerns the dog, if I were you I would leave a collar permanently on the handle systems bars to remind me every time to tight her down! Wonderful job Sandy, I can't wait to see your private little space done.
Peekaboo Cockatiel
Peekaboo Cockatiel Muaj më parë
Cinnamon is my favorite. I just adore her. Thank you for starring her today. She is so adorable. 🥰 I love, love, love your videos. Thank you or being you. 🥰.
Jennifer Monk
Jennifer Monk Muaj më parë
I love your videos! They are such a great way to start my day or wind my day down😊😊
Heather Crawford
Heather Crawford Muaj më parë
It was so good to see so much of Cinnamon. She is still as sweet as ever. Miles is a doll baby. And Kinsey is just doing what instincts tell her. Im sure she will settle down as she gets older. Hang in there your doing a great job
DogCigar Mofia
DogCigar Mofia Muaj më parë
Hi Sandy, Sheep dogs are trained with just THREE herding commands that you can start off with: 1) Come-bye or go to the left of stock (go) clockwise around them 2) Away - go to the right of the stock, or counterclockwise around them 3) Stand- Stop or slow down I’m sure Kensie can learn these right away!
Roger Daniel
Roger Daniel Muaj më parë
Do you shear your sheep? Didn't see any video in your history. Thanks
Sandi Brock
Sandi Brock Muaj më parë
Hey Roger, at the search bar type in Sandi Brock shearing sheep... lots of videos there!
Greg Castonguay
Greg Castonguay Muaj më parë
omg, those birds have got to go.
Jessica Pabon
Jessica Pabon Muaj më parë
Cinnamon is so unusual and so unique and she's so stinking friendly and she's determined to make Lucy her best friend hahahaha
Silly Pet Farm
Silly Pet Farm Muaj më parë
MUSTAQ AHMED Muaj më parë
You could wrap a piece of thin plastic shopping bag on the plunger with a rubber band of a disposable syringe to have a longer & smoother service but it's better to change the plastic sheet every day, that's only recommend for the syringe which are use feeding the lambs.
Mike Bonge
Mike Bonge Muaj më parë
Wendy Arthur
Wendy Arthur Muaj më parë
I really agree with you Sandy, but she can be trained to do it right. Nipping is normal she’s trying to push because she doesn’t understand in that area it’s down . I agree with others she needs a trainer. I say this with love and understanding. Our son purchased his dog from a gentleman that has award winners and sadly he didn’t get him trained and had to have a leg removed due to a horse kick. Lesson learned. So less stress for you at the handling system hire a trainer and watch her grow she is very smart!
John Sanders
John Sanders Muaj më parë
Border Collies are not "Heelers". They are bred to be "Gatherers" (Watch Sheep Herding Trials). They will always try to bring the flock toward the Handler. Example: If the Handler wants to move a flock from one pasture to another he will walk in "front" and the Border Collies will bring the flock from behind and toward the Handler.
Kevin Garrard
Kevin Garrard Muaj më parë
Enjoying your video 👌🏼 I reckon you’ll be interested in my pals videos also. Have a look. Click the hashtag --> #JinNguyenVlog 👏🏼
Tom Shaw
Tom Shaw Muaj më parë
Quiet in Romper room
Kristine Teall
Kristine Teall Muaj më parë
That's so sweet, Cinnamon made a friend! I've never seen a ewe so confident and curious, she's like a dog. ❤ Watching Kinsey want to work so badly and be so willing, it really wouldn't take long to train her. I've witnessed her having wonderful moments. She's only learning what she's watched you do, which isn't even a fraction of her potential. She looks to you often which is good. Just don't give up!
Dionne Rautenbach
Dionne Rautenbach Muaj më parë
Just watched amazing hoof trimmer machine on machinery magazine wear they have a machine where you can do six sheep 🐑 hoof trimming at a time it’s amazing, I saw it and thought 💭 of how handy this would be for you (it’s on ALpost about 5 months back)
Nancy Brittain
Nancy Brittain Muaj më parë
My teen and preteen love your channel. They are still laughing and quoting you as saying “loose in the caboose”. Thank you for always have great content that we can share as a family.
Anne Grzesiak
Anne Grzesiak Muaj më parë
Sandy, was #3 mama a former bottle baby? She seemed awfully interested in the bottle!
Bunny Nut
Bunny Nut Muaj më parë
Glad you found out and have found a system that works for you right now. Those babies are so cute! Makes you want to drive thousands of miles just to snuggle and feed them!😁
Lisa McWilliams
Lisa McWilliams Muaj më parë
Having people bottle feed babies could be amazing therapy! ❤️
Lisa McWilliams
Lisa McWilliams Muaj më parë
Lol you need an apron full of bottles
Lisa McWilliams
Lisa McWilliams Muaj më parë
Awwww Miles! ❤️
Lisa McWilliams
Lisa McWilliams Muaj më parë
They’re supposed to nip to move them!
Lisa McWilliams
Lisa McWilliams Muaj më parë
Lol they’re gonna really dislike you shooting them twice
Lisa McWilliams
Lisa McWilliams Muaj më parë
Awwww Dorothy! 🤗❤️
Laura Mahnken
Laura Mahnken Muaj më parë
lol even animals share the Clap.. oi
Gavin Perry
Gavin Perry Muaj më parë
How come you are not using your new aluminum lighter weight panels ?
Lisa McWilliams
Lisa McWilliams Muaj më parë
Have Mark well some wheels on the push gate so you don’t have to drag it
Lisa McWilliams
Lisa McWilliams Muaj më parë
Wonder if that resuscitator works on humans?
Lisa McWilliams
Lisa McWilliams Muaj më parë
Wonder if that resuscitator works on humans?
Lisa McWilliams
Lisa McWilliams Muaj më parë
Lucy is cinnamons baby! 🤣
Lisa McWilliams
Lisa McWilliams Muaj më parë
Donna Parrish
Donna Parrish Muaj më parë
She can be trained. A good trainer will tell you that.
Pat Hogan
Pat Hogan Muaj më parë
She's not too old to learn.
Angie Sutton
Angie Sutton Muaj më parë
Could you crate her at the handling system?
Molly G
Molly G Muaj më parë
I cant believe how big cinnamon is! Poor kins, but you gotta do what is the safest and least stressful for all.
Suzanne Richmond
Suzanne Richmond Muaj më parë
Wow! So much dog training advice on here! All your viewers are so helpful! I am not a dog trainer, but I’ve had a couple border collies and have sheep.... my one collie who has passed recently would get totally fixated on the sheep (really any animal) and you could not derail her train of thought off them when she got like that. Trying to train her for herding was super stressful and damaging to the training I was trying to do with the other one. The one I still have is great for moving sheep. She can be in their pen, knows when we are moving/working or not. When I want her to stop and chill, I get her to lie down, then give her ‘that’ll do’ command and a pet, and she goes back out of working mode. Just my experience if it helps. It all comes down to what Kinzie is like mentally, and how much time you have to work on it. Whatever you decide, consistency will be key. 💕💖 keep doing you Sandi! Love spending time in your barn (virtually)!
H. S.
H. S. Muaj më parë
I think Cinnamon is seeing her as a baby and understands that Lucy felt nervous. She was treating her like a lamb. lol
H. S.
H. S. Muaj më parë
I think Kinzie needs regular exercise followed by consistent training. I've had a blue heeler and aussie cattle mix and the herding dogs are BUILT for high energy. She was entirely unruly and a handful until she got a long walk or extensive fetch play (I'm talking like 30 minutes of dashes). After the built up energy (from weeks of not fully working her out) released she was so much more tameable and ready to listen. Just running up and down the barn isn't really the focused exercise Kinzie needs since it is sporadic and all on her terms. Try walking her an hour a day for a week and you may truly see a big difference.
Dan Whiteford
Dan Whiteford Muaj më parë
I am very pleased to see you have taken action with your dog, in particular when your working around the handling system. She is trainable, despite her age and natural instincts, to be calm when you need her to be so but it will take time and patience. Regarding you auto vaccinator. These tools work well when the container for the vaccine (or whatever product) is well filled but as the bottle starts to progressively empty it will tend to suck air in rather instead of fluid. This actual situation is made worse by when you release the trigger grip having given a dose relative to your actual hand position - commonly folks raise the gun immediately after dosing for safety reasons to lift the needle away vertically from the sheep and simultaneously release the trigger to expecting the gun to refill for the next animal. The problem all too frequently is that the needle tip that is inserted into the bottle within the gun is located briefly in the air in the bottle and not within the fluid - result the gun does not refill with the correct amount of vaccine. Suggestions 1 Don't release the handle to refill the dose until you have moved your hand position to one such where the refill needle in the bottle is fully inserted in the fluid. This change to your procedure is a real pain because you have already established a rhythm of individual actions you use of hand and eye coordination going down a line of sheep in a race and you have learn to disrupt this well practised skill to make this change. 2. Consider changing your dosing equipment to one where the bottle is held at about 45.degrees on top of the dosing gun - they are more likely to hold the bottle at such an angle that the fluid is likely to be covering the filling needle. Many of these are also designed to fill from plastic collapsible bottles which reduce the risk of air being sucked in to the dosing chamber. 3. If you have many animals to dose then I favour the bottle hung around my neck and a short plastic pipe attached to the dosing gun as these rarely fill with air. 4. Consider using something like an adjustable mechanical syringe for giving injections like those vaccinations. You fill them with a large dose of product as you would with a standard syringe and then adjust the amount of the individual dose from 1 - 5 ml. Personally I prefer the Hauptner tool as it is a quality German tool made of stainless steel and glass but it is not cheap. It is available in various sizes from 10 - 50ml and all spare parts are available separately. 5. Or of course do as you did simply use a standard syringe are refill as necessary to complete the task.
นิต้า ฟาร์ม
นิต้า ฟาร์ม Muaj më parë
Adrianna K.
Adrianna K. Muaj më parë
Contact a trainer, boarded collies ARE herding dogs and you CAN teach an old dog new trick, dogs can be trained at any age. From experience I've had with my trainers dog (who bites horses when we are lunging because it's her instinct) you shouldn't dismiss this, it doesn't just go away.
Ida Brown
Ida Brown Muaj më parë
Cinnamon has really gotten big.
Kitsune Princess
Kitsune Princess Muaj më parë
Cinnamon is my favourite sheep, I hope she's a good mom when her time comes.
rhywnn Muaj më parë
Easy fix. Just train a place or a down stay at a certain location. You can set it out of the pin and train her to jump out and go to this. Once she has the sheep were you want them you then send her to that location. Move the sheep and call her back. The process is really easy and training is 4 times a day but each round is less then 5 min. The beginning training can even be done in your house. Love to walk you through this. I love it as I can get my dog away from a dangerous situation at work yet it fun for them.
Julie B
Julie B Muaj më parë
Lucy looks like a little wet lamb, no wonder the ewes are curious! You could probably get a lot more done with her, than Kinzie just from her willingness to interact with people. There are many aspects to a working dog aside from "breed". What motivates them is another thing. I'm not a fan of Kinzie, I don't know where you got her. Her tail is just too high.
Terri Hamstrom
Terri Hamstrom Muaj më parë
Sandi, watch "this farming life" on Amazon. It follows Scottish and Irish farmers for a year. Lots of sheep and sheep dogs. The last season had a dog breeder and trainer that was mesmerizing to watch.
Jackie Barker
Jackie Barker Muaj më parë
There are so many adorable lambs in the early group!❤️
singers1990 Muaj më parë
just beautiful.
SylviaAlcatrazz Muaj më parë
Is it just me or does lamb 'orange #6' look a whole lot thinner than all the other lambs in the pen? Is there something going on with it or mums milk supply or is it just going to be a lanky thin lamb?
thriftygirl1 Muaj më parë
Can I win a contest where I can visit and bottle feed those babies? All that cuteness and love..omgoodness!! I'd never leave!
Loraine Swanepoel
Loraine Swanepoel Muaj më parë
Thank you so much for the clip. Made me smile for the first time since my dad passed away 3 weeks ago of Covid. I will not be able to attend the funeral which will be in South Africa and I am in NZ. Really hope that a trainer can help you sort Kenzie out. She is an awesome dog.
Samantha Clarke
Samantha Clarke Muaj më parë
@Loraine Swanepoel Yes, she does.
Loraine Swanepoel
Loraine Swanepoel Muaj më parë
@Samantha Clarke Thanks. It is hard but people like Sandi Brock does help others through their day and also teaches us a thing or 2
Samantha Clarke
Samantha Clarke Muaj më parë
Hugs, so sorry for your loss
Sandi Brock
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