HOLY TRIPLETS BATMAN!! 😱The numbers are in... bad as I thought? | SPRING LAMBING 2021 | Vlog 437

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Sandi Brock

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Well... the final numbers are in.
Still room for improvement... but this lambing group has taught me SO MUCH!
I was also able to weight my previous lambing group from December and was able to see SO much improvement that it almost brought me to tears.
Guys, if you are new here... thank you.
If you are part of my OG community... as always, thank you for supporting me. This one was a tough one. But, you always give me what I need to get through.
I love you all.
#lambing #sheep #farming

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Alijon Veitch
Alijon Veitch 2 ditë më parë
hi sandi, im not claiming to be an expert just a small time stock farmer in scotland .......listening to you hear reminded me of stuff i thought might make some sense to you ??? we used to hear from the advisors regarding what we should be paying for bulls or rams that the males represented half your herd as every animal is half bred half fed ....well that didnt completely make sense to me..my thinking was the dad only contributed half of the breeding and mum contributed the feeding and half the breeding therefore she is responsible for 3/4 of the herd/flock ......it has to be the same for sheep ....more of us need to be as well organised as you ... i think the data collected backs up what you are doing...we have been getting too many triplets here too meaning the workload is hard ....we had 1/3 triplets and quads this time too something similar to yourselves there . i now think we are now at a point where we need to not retain triplets for breeding to try to reduce that. i stopped keeping born singles too years ago to try to reduce the number of singles ....perhaps its worked too well .....i am thinking that for me here , higher numbers may not necessarily mean an optimum profitability . too many pets too much extra feed not to mention the extra work when we have other stuff to do .....years back i had to stop keeping the big born heifer calves as replacements and have now come to a similar conclusion with the ewes that its not always entirely the feeding or the sire that has affected the birth weight ...mum`s history has a contribution there too and to reduce problems and deaths associated with difficult lambings due to big lambs i think i need to be not keeping these extra big born ewe lambs as replacements either.... more reason for accurate data recording ......it all gets complicated doesnt it but things like this might help us with ease of management , efficiencies and ultimately profitability further down the line..... thanks for sharing your info
Jackie Fris
Jackie Fris 2 ditë më parë
How does Orf spread. I just wondered because the older lambs were in the first pen before you moved them over. So now the younger ones are contagious. The germ may have been in the hay and transferred to the younger ones.
Jen Tapsell
Jen Tapsell 3 ditë më parë
I love the music that sounds like a really retro computer game . I don’t know why but I find it really soothing lol
Ali T
Ali T 13 ditë më parë
I'm a structural engineer. Why I have watched about 20 of your videos since yesterday, I haven't a clue :) Awesome videos btw and your enthusiasm is contagious. Thank you for sharing all the information :)
Pam Webber
Pam Webber 14 ditë më parë
I wish I could climb get around as good as you do. My body is giving out on me and can no longer do the things when I was younger like riding on the tractor mowing the pasture, raising rabbits, gardening, all the things I loved to do. I have gone back to sewing now and watch you and others do your thing.
Vickie Lall
Vickie Lall 17 ditë më parë
Sandi, you're an awesome "midwife". I've learned so much, and admire your stamina..thanks for sharing with us!! bless you both !!
Brett J
Brett J 17 ditë më parë
I see you using the computer and I can remember writing a program back in the 1980's for my dads uncles farm when I was a kid. By the time I went into the Army I knew of 40 farms in the Northeast of the US using it. The one thing, I learned, was that tracking the genealogy was important. A few years later they won an award for the NE of the US for the farm. Now, they are one of the few dairy farms operating in our county and back in the 80's there were tons of dairy farms.
Patricia Barron
Patricia Barron 20 ditë më parë
Hi Sandy.. iv loved watching your journey so far...im so fascinated watching you..and your family... Please stay safe...xxxx
joniar ali
joniar ali 21 ditë më parë
105 wow that's awesome 😊🇵🇰👍♥️.
Gwen 21 ditë më parë
groundhog day on the farm :) love it
Colynette Coutu
Colynette Coutu 25 ditë më parë
I keep hearing loud birds in the background. Am I mistaken in that sound?
Linda 25 ditë më parë
Why do you have birds in the barn? Can you get rid of them or do they provide something? I find them annoying.
sharon r bower
sharon r bower 26 ditë më parë
How is Jack doing?
Colynette Coutu
Colynette Coutu 26 ditë më parë
This is the first time I've seen you. After watching bee saving guys for about a week I just stumbled upon your hubby crying because he got such a nice wood splitter from an unknown lady, and then I fell into you and all these cute lambs. LOVE that big beautiful smile of yours and especially all the love and care you give to all your animals going as far a naming each one, even though there are so many. Gives me an insight into the LOVE God has for everyone of us.
Lotte Maes
Lotte Maes 27 ditë më parë
Hi, may I ask how you deal with those dead lambs? Do you burry them or what... How... I just have no idea and feel curious about the way to handle such a thing professionally. Lot of love
Colleen Kopp
Colleen Kopp 27 ditë më parë
I am soon to be 87. I was born on a farm in Northwestern North Dakota. So I am so enjoying your videos. At one time I remember we had a lamb sleeping behind the kitchen stove because it was cold to be in the barn. I had a Great Aunt who had a sheep farm in the Southeastern part of the State. She allowed us to bottle feed the lambs, we were over joyed with this task. Now you know why I am so happy. I now live in the Bay Area of Northern California.
Colleen Kopp
Colleen Kopp 27 ditë më parë
Do you have a Degree in Animal Husbandry?
Alida Hall
Alida Hall 27 ditë më parë
One thing I loved seeing when I went to my grandma's farm was seeing the machinery working the fields especially the one you were in cause it looks like a big spider lol. But I feel proud seeing fellow farmers working.
Emily Schweigart
Emily Schweigart 27 ditë më parë
I have a question what happens to the lambs that you sell to the barns. Do they turn into food or animals for other people.
PixiePrincessBrat 28 ditë më parë
I know in horses, a lot is on the Dam, so it makes sense that the ewes have a lot to do with it.
Cassie Lynch
Cassie Lynch 28 ditë më parë
I have a question. Do the sheep ever go outside?
Mary Sherrill
Mary Sherrill 28 ditë më parë
Iam a new subscriber and I will say that I can't get enough. I watched the first video because you tube suggested it and I have been hooked since then. I have gone back and binge watched all your videos 💖💖💖💖
K. McKee
K. McKee 28 ditë më parë
In breeding horses, the wisest breeders know that the quality and the influence of the mare is far more important that the sire. Always. There’s always the egocentric thought that it’s “all about the stallion and breeding”. But it’s the quality of the mare that makes the greatest difference.... because that’s the “blood-family”. Same with sheep. Same with humans, for that matter.
Smilinwolfette 28 ditë më parë
Ellen L.
Ellen L. 29 ditë më parë
Omg can i live there and help ?
Ella Carter
Ella Carter 29 ditë më parë
Do you have any cheviot sheep? Also, what is the best place to buy sheep from?
Alicia Dollieslager
Alicia Dollieslager 29 ditë më parë
I had no idea what I was getting into in 2019 when I first clicked. I have been laughing and crying with you the whole way. Loving you and the family more and more throughout. This channel is so educational, entertaining, and real. Thank you so much for your authenticity throughout your journey. Seeing your positive strides over the years has been glorious. You are truly wonderful, San, thank you for being you. Oh and Happy Birthday! 🎂🎉
Kim Dees
Kim Dees 29 ditë më parë
Viral infection may be helped by addition of Zinc (not trying to preach to the choir :)) Amazing share!! Love your attention to details Lambs fed on the same diet supplemented with zinc sulphate to provide total zinc levels of 17.4 and 32.4 p.p.m. had a higher feed intakc, made significantly greater liveweight gains, and showed no signs of zinc deficiency. Testicular growth and sperm production were markedly improved by both the zinc supplement.
S W 29 ditë më parë
Anyone else enjoy the bird sounds every video?
Charlotte Howard
Charlotte Howard 29 ditë më parë
Wasn't sure if you would see this Sandi on the actual video because it's not your most recent one so thought I would comment here. Thank you so much for showing the lamb at the vets with the broken leg and including the vets commentary as it was super interesting to watch !! Love all of your videos and think you are an amazing farmer x
Angelina Spain
Angelina Spain 29 ditë më parë
Sandy can I just say, I came across your Vlog when I was looking for chicken information, LOL so happy that I did, although I am not a lamb farmer and will never be, I find your channel just so inspiring and awesome, your raw emotions on camera and so heart felt as are your very happy stories which are most of them. You are a fantastic farmer and so encouraging to everyone to keep going and do their best. I so look forward to watching many many more. Love that you number your VLOGS, hope you have had a great day over in Canada xx
Diane Bannister
Diane Bannister 29 ditë më parë
I didn't know anything about Sheep farming until I started watching Sandi's videos a few weeks ago. I didn't know lambs could get a disease like cold sores and people can catch it from them. Kind of yucky. I like when a bunch of Lambs go on a run. They all run together. It's funny.
Dilip Kumar S
Dilip Kumar S 29 ditë më parë
What breed are these mam
Susan Grant
Susan Grant 29 ditë më parë
Who knew that prancing and frolicking lambs could help people get through a pandemic...
Megan Exelby
Megan Exelby 29 ditë më parë
*just got my first sheep hopefully in lamb!* What is in your lambing kit? (I did search it, but the videos I found only told me what you carry for tagging/etc... when already lambed)
Nadine Frisch
Nadine Frisch 29 ditë më parë
I don't know how I got to this side of ALpost. But I started about Vlog #423 and was fascinated with all you do.. I will probs go back and watch a few extra and keep going. I live in Michigan!!!
HoneyBear Casey
HoneyBear Casey 29 ditë më parë
Sandi I'm watching to many of your videos. Google suggested lamb finisher in purchase selections today. Lol keep up the amazing work
Ron Lunde
Ron Lunde 29 ditë më parë
I'm in love with your farming lifestyle and absolutey love seeing new life being born on your farm. I salute you Sandi for your Hard work and Dedication. God Bless you and your Family♡
quicksilvertears921 29 ditë më parë
Congratulations. You have so much to be proud of. I love how clean your pens and sheep look.
Jane 29 ditë më parë
I find this so interesting. Thank you.
Sherille Elliott
Sherille Elliott 29 ditë më parë
Still haven't seen video on loft office or did I miss it ??
Kathryn Ward
Kathryn Ward 29 ditë më parë
Well done on another lambing ....keep chin up look forward to some field time now 😀👍
bittersweetrainbows 29 ditë më parë
BAAAAAAHHHHHHH bahhahahaaaaa
Megan Muaj më parë
Omg I love to watch this, it's my second one I watch. I love it
Kate Johannsen
Kate Johannsen Muaj më parë
how long have you been sheep farming for?
BeakerInShortShorts Muaj më parë
I wonder if I met Mark when I visited my best friend at U of Guelph March 1994. She was in Environmental Sciences but was living in the dorms with a lot of the Aggies. Her name is Tara and we are from Thunder Bay. It was my first trip on my own. I met so many fun people back when we were all 19 or so. Such a big but small world. Hope you have a great upcoming season.
Sandra Murphy
Sandra Murphy Muaj më parë
You are a great teacher god bless you xx
Mustafab Abdullah
Mustafab Abdullah Muaj më parë
I love the barn however how do you keep it heated in such cold weather?
Mustafab Abdullah
Mustafab Abdullah Muaj më parë
It is odd that westerners only eat lamb and not sheep. If i cook both one can't tell the difference!
Chastity Aleman
Chastity Aleman Muaj më parë
Congrats sandi your amazing girl we love you your amazing with the babies
R E Muaj më parë
Are these sheep kept indoor in pens their whole life?! I have now watched several videos and I have not seen these sheep out in fields grazing. Why does they have sheep if they can't provide them fields to graze on?! I know the diary industry does this to cows, keeping them in barns 24/7, but did not know some farmers does this to sheep aswell:(
Chez Yeates
Chez Yeates Muaj më parë
I love these videos.. Sandi you rock ❤️
Priscilla Watson
Priscilla Watson Muaj më parë
I love it when you swear...remember you trucker! ???
Trysta Taylor
Trysta Taylor Muaj më parë
I’m confused is this like a passion? Breeding lambs to do what with? Idk I’m enjoying her content just confused
Anna Ryan
Anna Ryan Muaj më parë
Sorry I’m so confused with what you do. You breed sheep and sell them? To what? For slaughter?
Harvey Post
Harvey Post Muaj më parë
I'm in awe of u farmers on utube I'm neither on the same page or planet sad for me..
Harvey Post
Harvey Post Muaj më parë
As told harmless farmer last year commoditys will b up..
Harvey Post
Harvey Post Muaj më parë
Reason I quit the horse boarding farm had sum sheep also..he had me dig out a large stall under large barn..4 feet thick of just decomposed hay and droppings..I cleared the four feet of trash thru fresh hay in..birthing place for lambs ..the lamb died he blamed me..
rezotydnic Muaj më parë
How many ewes and rams do you have? Are these meat animals?
Jodie Owen
Jodie Owen Muaj më parë
Apparently youtube knew what I wanted to watch. I raised market lambs for 4-H in the US and when we get some land I want to raise my own flock and create high quality fast growing market lambs. Your channel is such an inspiration. Thank you :)
Shana Scontrino
Shana Scontrino Muaj më parë
lol that backround shot at 19 minute and after of those 2 ewes is adorable
Vanessa Vega
Vanessa Vega Muaj më parë
Is there a video specifically of the birds that are always chirping? They are so loud, they are very happy
Savana Thiers
Savana Thiers Muaj më parë
Way to go Sandi I been watching for 3 years now and I can say that you are one of the most amazing farmers you really care for your animals and it shows and I know your right hand gal gets praise but it's you that does the most and I think with her going off to school you have provided to yourself that you are a amazing farmer
Carrie Ashley
Carrie Ashley Muaj më parë
Sweet lamb is done for spring 2021great job next thing you they'll be having more lambs beimg born agon to grow big for middle summer month and Glad got have time your huby tc and gb
Kathleen Lizarraga
Kathleen Lizarraga Muaj më parë
Hey great work! Congratulations 👏
Jerrine Damey
Jerrine Damey Muaj më parë
Hey, I'm new to this and I wanted to know if you KEEP any of the lambs or are they all off to market? I am enjoying and learning a lot about sheep. The humane husbandry you practice is commendable. Wish all farmers/ranchers did likewise. Thank you for sharing! I've already watched 10 or so episodes & just found you yesterday. 🐾MEOW
Steve Skjonsby
Steve Skjonsby Muaj më parë
How is the Winter Canola???
Louisiana Lady
Louisiana Lady Muaj më parë
Merck Veterinary Manual (available online) has an easy to understand discussion on Orf. While I am a human doctor and not a Veterinarian, natural recovery from Orf is a 4 werk period, and natural development of the immune system to combat Orf offers life-long immunity. Vaccine offers protection, but not to the same degree as natural immune development and response to the virus. That being said, the virulence of Orf (the degree or severity of disease in a population) could indicate that vaccine administration could help prevent rampant spread if a high number of lambs (especially very young/newborn) are ill at the same time. Thank you for the beautiful video- I learned much from you today! 🐑 Respectfully, Dr. Lana Brumfield
winegumally Muaj më parë
What’s going on with the birds that I’m hearing?
Rose Spickes
Rose Spickes Muaj më parë
As a fiber artist and historical interpreter, I adore your videos. I have huge appreciation for good sheep farmers who treat their sheep with such care and warmth. It comes through in the fleeces I buy. I can tell by the luster, fiber strength, and not having stress breaks how well cared for each sheep was. 🥰 Thank you for doing what you do, and sharing the normal highs and lows which come with animal husbandry. Your work, and that of other sheep farmers like you, makes my work, my joy, my passion possible. Hooray for farmers! 🎉
Xx_Ellie_xX Muaj më parë
Across the road from me, there is a really large field of lambies and their mummies. It’s really nice to just look out the window and see the lambs bouncing around. It’s soo freaking adorable!
dorothybell1 Muaj më parë
Thank you!
paul smith
paul smith Muaj më parë
Where do all of the slams and up?
You work so hard !
Kate James
Kate James Muaj më parë
I’m so happy that Spring lambing is done it’s been so cute and adorable and you’re amazing truly. You’re one of my role models in life I hope to win they have a home so that I can grow and produce my own meat and be self-sustaining and you’re just such a role model for me and you give the sheep such an amazing and beautiful life and I have so much respect for you as a farmer I know it’s hard at times but the reward is so big and amazing and wonderful thank you for being a farmer sandi
Danielle Mulhearne
Danielle Mulhearne Muaj më parë
Did all of the quints survive?
PEI Homestead
PEI Homestead Muaj më parë
Sandi I'm searching through your videos but wondering if you have done a video on what to look for and watch out for when buying sheep? Considering starting a small flock!
Pat DeArmond
Pat DeArmond Muaj më parë
Great job raising your lambs !! I look forward to each video.
Danyelle St.Marie
Danyelle St.Marie Muaj më parë
Hello! I’m new here and I just love it here. The lambs really brighten my days. I’ve started watching from your first blog and I am learning so much. “Preg talks” have been driving me nuts. That is how it is spelled out when I turn on the caption button. I’m a nurse so I think you are really saying “preg TOX” for toxicity?? I’d love to read more about what’s going on, if you’d be willing to point me in the right direction for trust worthy information. Keep your chim up, you’ve created a wonderful place here! 🐑 🐑
Rachael Charlery
Rachael Charlery Muaj më parë
I also think that a another key to the good number are the fact that you’ve been having a second set of eyes ( and hands) 😂 to catch anything you miss . Also it give you time to rest ( or even take a break with out feeling guilty) I’m glad you feel happy about your number, I know sometime we don’t give our selves enough credit and you are doing an amazing job . We all love watching your lambing video 🥰 hopefully you see the numbers and see that they Tangible proof that you are doing awesome !
Linda A
Linda A Muaj më parë
I dont know how you do everything. Kudos
TayField (Perm Reg'd) Toy Fox Terriers
TayField (Perm Reg'd) Toy Fox Terriers Muaj më parë
Based on the stats you provided, it adds up to 230 lambs. Last lambing you had 14.73% mortality and this lambing 14.35% (that's including the mummified lambs and cache valley lambs). Nice to see your mortality go down, really appreciate that you share the numbers with us.
Jam Boree
Jam Boree Muaj më parë
I completely agree with your conclusion with the lambs that will be going to market, that taking care of mom and the lambs is more important than the genetics provided by the ram. I breed horses, the focus had always been on the stallions, and they always say that genetics is 50/50. I do not agree with that. The environment in the uterus and the husbandry on mare and foal and in your case ewe and lamb is more important that genetics even will provide. You did well last year, just stay on that track. And congratulations on finishing lambing and your scores for this season.
Brenda Anderson
Brenda Anderson Muaj më parë
Hi Sandi Love the updates! Lotta lambs! Wow on weaning weights! Question for you or Mark on how you treat your pack prior to putting out on fields. I was raised with animals on the pasture so never had any barn pack to work with. Thanks for sharing! BusyEwe
TheNellehFox Muaj më parë
Do you keep any replacement ewes from the Spring groups? Also, I'm always wondering about replacement rams! How often do you sperm check the boys? How often and how do you get new rams?
David Straub
David Straub Muaj më parë
How is Big(re. "uge")Momma doing? Take care.
AngelWonderland Muaj më parë
It's amazing how many labs born I went to say thank you done amazing job stay safe new follower here can't wait to watch them grow x
polymer clay
polymer clay Muaj më parë
I'm not into farming, but, I do enjoy watching your videos while I do paperwork. Im learning alot, and I think your doing a wonderful job hun.
Jayne Chalmers
Jayne Chalmers Muaj më parë
Do those birds ever get out of your barn?
Ashley Hogue
Ashley Hogue Muaj më parë
I stumbled across your channel and I am here for it! Love seeing all the little lambs and learning so much information from you!
Sky Skylark
Sky Skylark Muaj më parë
Love this channel ... lambs , humans dogs the lot ❤️❤️❤️🤗♥️
Jillaine Smith
Jillaine Smith Muaj më parë
You may have gotten an influx of new watchers because -- assuming I'm not the only one -- some of us who follow fiber/fleece/shepherding due to our interest in processing fleece for spinning/knitting/weaving got you in our "recommendations" feed. Maybe because it's lambing and shearing season for us watchers, and you slid right into that. As I've said elsewhere, your work/life/approach is wholly different from what I've been exposed to so far, but dang, it's fascinating as all heck, and I, for one, am finding myself rather addicted to your video feed now... ;-)
1000megs1000 Muaj më parë
Congrats on another awesome lambing season! I know this one has felt rough but I've loved following the journey and see how much you love and fight for all your animals! Keep up all the amazing hard work, we all love following your life on the farm. Can't wait to see the next chapter as the spring comes arrives!!
Denise Emond
Denise Emond Muaj më parë
I am new to your channel, but you do such a great job explaining everything.
Melanie Troutman
Melanie Troutman Muaj më parë
Just came across your channel and binged watched this whole lambing season! Awesome job! All of the work that goes into this is incredible. ❤❤❤
Robin South
Robin South Muaj më parë
I don't have any lambs, just 2 hopefully bred Nigerian dwarf goats. I love that you show the work that goes into farming/animal husbandry, the joy's and heartaches, and most of all your passion.
Wendy Riddell
Wendy Riddell Muaj më parë
All the hard work has paid off and it not all bad news glad you had a lot of success well done
Dee Marie Dubois
Dee Marie Dubois Muaj më parë
Great job. Thoroughly enjoyed this.
Garry Beaudette
Garry Beaudette Muaj më parë
Love watching your Volgs! You are so real😀
2 fries short of a Big Mac
2 fries short of a Big Mac Muaj më parë
I come to see your video's for you... You are loved
julie moses
julie moses Muaj më parë
Those are some big lambs. How do you select your ewes? I told my brother about the quads and quints. He said “Better her than me.”
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