I THOUGHT THERE WAS ONLY THREE!... until the next day.🤢(SPRING LAMBING 2021) Vlog 423

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And, we've started off with a bang!
TRIPLETS!!! or was mom hiding something from me?
Also, finally analyzed some data on my December weaned lambs to do the first evaluation on their moms. I try to do a numerical evaluation first, then head to the barn and do a physical evaluation of the ewe.
#lambing #sheep #farming

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Old Hag73
Old Hag73 6 ditë më parë
I agree, we had rams that we cuddled and then decided to keep and they turn nasty when they grow up. The second you turn your back to them for chore and BAM they ram you from behind. One hurt my mom's back rather bad so after that we stoped cuddling with the rams. They still need some respect for you. Ewes on the other hand was great to cuddle, so much easier to treat when they got sick or hoof trimming and so on.
Sandy Gibson
Sandy Gibson 19 ditë më parë
Lucy Lou and Kinsey, too!
tracie k
tracie k 20 ditë më parë
Lol I could watch them play all day
Jo Czorro
Jo Czorro 26 ditë më parë
That’s the next T-shirt!!! “i 2 the U”- loved when you said you “put an eye to the ewe.”
Megan Muaj më parë
Pleaaaseeee say you keep Miles. Gosh I love that Cutie 😍😍😍
Ive Chang
Ive Chang Muaj më parë
Hi neighbors! The landscape finally gave me the clue you might be well... a neighbor sorta. ♡Love from Minnesota.
Barbara Loughlin
Barbara Loughlin Muaj më parë
I love watching your show now you can learn so much and will give us such good information on lambing etc. I can’t raise lamps because I’m not in the right place to do it I’m too old to do it but I love watching you and how are you care for him and I can’t believe how young you remember all the names of those lambs you take care and God be with you
Lynda Painter
Lynda Painter Muaj më parë
I find your setup absolutely fascinating. I live in South Australia and there are a lot of sheep farmers around us. I am used to seeing them in a paddock or at the local Agriculture Shows, not in the likes of your palatial accomodation. Your system is so interesting, the ewes and lambs are well fed and looked after.
Ellie Short
Ellie Short Muaj më parë
If you made the pens bigger would that help with the mums laying on their babies? Just a thought🤣
ivana stular
ivana stular Muaj më parë
Could you maybe make a video a bit more specific on data? I'm interested because I'm a student as animal scientist, and you can maybe help me understand some things more. Otherwise I enjoy your videos and wish you a lot of love!
Chantal Leite
Chantal Leite Muaj më parë
Looks like alot of em need their hooves trimmed? I honestly dk nothing about the regular maintenance of sheep but just looks uncomfortable for them!
Victoria Perkins
Victoria Perkins Muaj më parë
What does "Brussells ship" means?
LJJumble Muaj më parë
I used to wear redbacks and I always used 2 pairs of socks. It prevents blisters and gives a bit of cushioning when the sole drops
sarah joseph
sarah joseph Muaj më parë
Do they ever get to go outside and get sun and fresh grass after they lamb in the warm weather?
Jennifer Liddicoat
Jennifer Liddicoat Muaj më parë
The human names for the sheep crack me up. We have four children...our oldest is Noah and our youngest is Ruby 😂
super gaming 97
super gaming 97 Muaj më parë
We had a calf just like that swipe a go
Catherine Cotter
Catherine Cotter Muaj më parë
Hi you are a really good youtuber
Belal Hassan
Belal Hassan Muaj më parë
peace upon you How are you doing ?? I have a question after your permission When buying veterinary medicine or vitamins You find a Chinese product and a European product from a well-known company, for example And the two products have the same composition, and sometimes the Chinese product's combination is better But you find the difference is big in the price (European is more expensive) As a breeder, I am in confusion for fear of buying a Chinese medicine that is not of good use, or that I pay extra money only to buy a brand name, no more, and the product is inexpensive and has the same composition. What do you think ??
Karyn Bray
Karyn Bray Muaj më parë
So are you raising lambs for wool or food?
Winds of Change
Winds of Change Muaj më parë
I noticed rusty and noah had their tails, I thought that all lambs had their tails docked. Is not doing it a "thing" or is it done older? I thought it was done as newborns.
Kelly Stanoyevic
Kelly Stanoyevic Muaj më parë
ALPO dog food is horrible for pets. It's awful. You should try to get better quality. You do so good with your lambs.
thatjerseyb Muaj më parë
I don't know how I got here... but here I am... binge watching baby lambs and I'm all for it.
Ive Chang
Ive Chang Muaj më parë
Me yesterday, no lie. Baaa baaa fraaa nds!
Ellen Goodrich
Ellen Goodrich Muaj më parë
Same here. Volcanos in Iceland, RuPauls Drag Race, miniatures crafting and mudlarking lead me to this. I'm not mad, YT.
Scoobious Von Dubious
Scoobious Von Dubious Muaj më parë
Me too!
StormBear Muaj më parë
do you artificially inseminate the ewe ?
Melody Lyons
Melody Lyons Muaj më parë
You do such good and informative videos. Loved the lamb leaping. The little clip at the beginning of the orange X and the way she looked at you got me. Can't watch anymore. Just was with you a few videos. Gotta go. Really great job you do with the videos.
Melody Lyons
Melody Lyons Muaj më parë
Ahhh I kept watching. Was not so bad. My dog, LUCY, is turning 19 this month and fading. I am very tenderhearted right now because of it. She is dal/pit and I have had her since 5 weeks. My boy, 7 year old Blue, was stolen from me a year ago. We were homeless and even though I have all proof, cops say civil matter. Get a lawyer. Too poor.
Callie Patteen
Callie Patteen Muaj më parë
You rehomed Noah ☹ he is so cute
Caitlin Romans
Caitlin Romans Muaj më parë
when u tag them with an X does that mean theyre going to get shipped to get slaughtered for meat? I feel really bad for them. Look at how she looks at u.
Laura Dent
Laura Dent Muaj më parë
You need some Georgia Boots
Whitterkins McGee
Whitterkins McGee Muaj më parë
How much does this Gallagher system cost? I think I want sheep now. Lol dangit sandi Also I wear moleskin every time I break in a new pair of boots, preventively. I swear by it.
Cynn's Life
Cynn's Life Muaj më parë
Aww Noah got a new home. He will be happy
Rach Hunting
Rach Hunting Muaj më parë
As an Aussie steel blue boots are better than Redbacks and far more comfortable
Shirley Paslay
Shirley Paslay Muaj më parë
When breaking in new boots, nylon socks first and cotton socks second. Or, just when you are going to be on your feet a bunch.
Brenda Muaj më parë
Have 2 daughters who danced on pointe. The new blister band-aids work very well. They heal it so quickly and allow you to be pain free. Can also be worn for prevention
Donna Cobb
Donna Cobb Muaj më parë
The ones you keep do you ever take their picture to add to their profile??
therealz 360z
therealz 360z Muaj më parë
When I visited Ireland sheep are literally everywhere you can't drive a mile without seeing at least a dozen and my friend thought the markings meant when they were to meant there demise nope it was how the neighbors could tell who's was who's.
Soaring Kite
Soaring Kite Muaj më parë
Where do you ship them to?
james brewer
james brewer Muaj më parë
I have to put my eye to ewe. You put your eye to me. We eye the ewe. They eye you and me.
It'sThatOneChickAgain CallThePoPo
It'sThatOneChickAgain CallThePoPo Muaj më parë
Where do the sheep go when you ship them off
a muh
a muh Muaj më parë
U sound like every mother ever I love them but I don’t trust any of them. Lol
Jodi Mccartney
Jodi Mccartney Muaj më parë
I am a huge fan my goat is name miles i love my bottle baby goats
Karen Neill
Karen Neill Muaj më parë
Grey sludgy snow... I don't miss February in Ontario!
Wendy Humphreys Tebbutt
Wendy Humphreys Tebbutt Muaj më parë
Hi Sandi, Yes, indeed, rams can get very mean. We had a friend who had sheep and when she had to leave the farm for a term at university in the UK, her husband looked after the sheep. A ram decided to literally ram him from behind and his leg was broken, as a result. He managed to drag himself to the house to phone for an ambulance before the pain set in. This was a good lesson for friends.
ahamatmabrahman Muaj më parë
I love to see the sheep, although I struggle to understand how a person can hug, love and admire these animals , then one day take a big knife, cur their throats and eat them ? Do I even belong on this planet ?
Savannah Matthews
Savannah Matthews Muaj më parë
Savannah Matthews
Savannah Matthews Muaj më parë
Do you send your lamb to the meat house
Mindy Mills
Mindy Mills Muaj më parë
Question: do you still give micotil at dry off? I've been doing it since I learned about it from you. I think it helps.
BASS BASS Muaj më parë
I'm glad that I found you on ALpost. Thinking about starting sheep business . What book do you recommend to read?
Shana Scontrino
Shana Scontrino Muaj më parë
me wonders i she will come for smiles lol
meemorie Muaj më parë
The first one that you put an X on (322), i know the examination showed a compromised udder, what did the numbers show? just curious.
Elizabeth Reborn
Elizabeth Reborn Muaj më parë
The Scarlet Letter aka The Orange Mark
Yomu Youkai
Yomu Youkai Muaj më parë
I'm curious with your named ewes like Goat and Cinnamon; when they can no longer perform as broods will they be kept as pets, rehomed, shipped? Love your channel, Sandi, I always look forward to lambing!
Terri Niemeier
Terri Niemeier Muaj më parë
Watch White House on the hill, you tube. I think she reminds me of you.youve came quite well along since last winter. Glad you toughed it through. I think the last time I watched someone's husband was left n charge and you had quite a flood
firstksoli Muaj më parë
That prison break lamb checking out the smallest of the triplets ❤️ It must have been twice as big!
Carrie Ashley
Carrie Ashley Muaj më parë
Lots of lambs with spots this time it so cute glad rams when same place to be daddy s it cool you go over see all 3 any time you want so cool🐏🐏🐏
BareFoot BackYard
BareFoot BackYard Muaj më parë
As your saying (about Billy) "so I love him but"... I wanted to finish your sentence with BUT HE WILL KNOCK YOU ON YOUR A$$! If your not paying attention. BTW RUBY Is so beautifully pregnant. Cant wait to see her lambs.
Richard Wilken
Richard Wilken Muaj më parë
I had a goat turn on me big full hits with him on his back legs hit me 3 time a nock be down and I was bleeding out of my arms and I grabbed him by his hour's and they came off in my hands when he got me down . Just be safe with them .
Roger Hance
Roger Hance Muaj më parë
I’m so glad Noah has a forever home and the other little lamb to whatever his name is
NiaJustNia Muaj më parë
Are you double socking your boots? One thin pair of socks then a thick pair over the top? It's pretty good while you're breaking boots in to avoid blisters
Peter Dubyoski
Peter Dubyoski Muaj më parë
Take the liner out of that one boot and wear an extra sock until you work it out.
Elton Mau
Elton Mau Muaj më parë
What Gallagher system do you have?
jeni la Rosa
jeni la Rosa Muaj më parë
Where the ewes the ones that the babies had orf. That may be why the questionable teets.
Pam Z
Pam Z Muaj më parë
Just near the end it looked like the babies were trying to form a Conga line. I love the babies. Thank you.
Amanda's Cup of Joe
Amanda's Cup of Joe Muaj më parë
I would be interested to see who was your most productive yew and see if her offspring were similar. Maybe give her a special treat lol I think that would be so cute!
Silhouette Park Farm
Silhouette Park Farm Muaj më parë
Your explanation on Ram behaviour is spot on , perfectly said. All the best for lambing season. 🐑
Damian Bridge
Damian Bridge Muaj më parë
Rossi are the most comfortable Aussie boots if you ask me
FlipoutJo Muaj më parë
What great news about Noah! And the little white sheep!! I saw it and wondered if they get special gifts too sometimes. How wonderful. I will have happy sheep counting dreams tonight. Lol
Kathleen Green
Kathleen Green Muaj më parë
The babies are all so cute. I love how they do a jump hop when they walk. Did you get your office finished.
TOW BALL Muaj më parë
Totally agree Blunstone in my opinion lost their way . I only buy Redback Boots now . I do keep the old pair to give my feet a rest as i wear the new ones in . Dont you just hate it when you put a scuff on a new pair of boots
Abuelita Caicedo
Abuelita Caicedo Muaj më parë
100% be careful with rams. The older they get they will “ram” hard and can do damage. Especially as they can get quite big. We had to send one to freezer camp earlier than planned because I could no longer be in the pen so feeding became an issue.
mfanwe Likeit
mfanwe Likeit Muaj më parë
Red backs are decent boots, but they are tough to break in.
Lyla Oldham
Lyla Oldham Muaj më parë
Hey Sandi, instead of feedback boots try Blue Steel, they fit just great. I am a chef so I'm on my feet all day and I have had no problems with them, also you should break them in when your not working so if a blister forms you can take the boots off straight away and deal with he blister. BTW I am from Australia, lol have a great day and I so love what you do on your channel. P.S more Miles of smiles please
liveinthenow Muaj më parë
I find myself excited to get home from work to settle down and watch you vlogs! I need more! keep up the good work ! I can't get enough of you channel : - ]
David Lucas
David Lucas Muaj më parë
You’re lames look awesome
Breanne Shoop Gant
Breanne Shoop Gant Muaj më parë
So.... What's gonna happen to Miles? :( market? Another farm?
Junior Davis
Junior Davis Muaj më parë
She looked back at you after marking her like “I thought you loved me”
carol scriven
carol scriven Muaj më parë
And then when Male lambs are large enough she sends them to be slaughtered.
Vasc Tech
Vasc Tech Muaj më parë
Too bad you won’t be keeping Miles. He’s so cute!
Wendy I
Wendy I Muaj më parë
One of my rams was the sweetest thing, super friendly, loved cheek scratches. One day in the pasture he tried killing me. Rams are no joke!
Alison Abbott
Alison Abbott Muaj më parë
I have a question. Do the ewes bite you? Just curious.
David Waddell
David Waddell Muaj më parë
Glad to see everything going pretty good! 👋😆❤👍
Dave Kechkaylo
Dave Kechkaylo Muaj më parë
Hi, nice video :) To help the ewes lamb more easily, you might want to consider putting apple cider vinegar into their water. From my experience, giving ewes (grazing on pasture), apple cider vinegar (~8ml per 1 gal of water) in their water for 30 days prior to the start of lambing, noticeable helps the ewes have a easier time giving birth. The rough concept is the the potassium in the apple cider vinegar helps the ewe's muscle contract more easily. I have not done enough tests to know for sure where the sweet spot for the dose / duration is, but this has helped me. Just food for thought.
Phillip Peterman
Phillip Peterman Muaj më parë
I’m glad that Noah and Cinnamon found a nice home....
Janelle Mennen
Janelle Mennen Muaj më parë
G'Day Sandi, I also was a Blundstone Boots we Aussies call "Bloddies"! But I borrowed my dads steel toe Redbacks when I had to quickly run outside one morning. I felt like my feet were actually supported and my posture felt better too with the arch support, heel height and overall comfort. Yet they were a few months old and a size too big, so when I got my own steel toe Redbacks I got blisters too. Luckily I did scouts for 20 years and learnt a few tricks. AUSSIE TIP FOR WEARING IN YOUR BOOTS!: So when you get new boots, do it in the middle of summer... take a pair of socks that are the thickness you normally wear with your boots. Grab your boots and wait for a hot day! Now you find a friend like me (haha) who owns a pool/swim-spa and on a hot day put your socks and boots on and GO FOR A SWIM. .... Make sure that your new boots are completely soaked through, then for the rest of the day you keep your boots on while they dry. I PROMISE that you will NEVER get one blister again! My friends from scouts all did this before they traveled to Nepal to hike to Base Camp of Mt Everest... not one blister for the entire month! Love every video you make Sandi, and I hope your feet feel batter soon. Much love from my family to yours, Janelle (Warrandyte, Australia)
C SA Muaj më parë
Sandi: don’t touch the camera Ewe: this camera? Looks nice... would be a shame if *something* happened to it. Sniff sniff
Echo Foxtrot
Echo Foxtrot 5 ditë më parë
They'll also try to bite buttons off your jacket too. You'll go from "aww you're nuzzling me" to "Hey, leggo my jacket". Buttons are like sheep lozenges 😂
Tresa Johnson
Tresa Johnson Muaj më parë
I live in Logan Utah! I love your channel. It's fun to see how much you love them. I have a few animal farmers near me, and I just enjoy watching the baby lambs, they are so clean...for a bit. Anyway, sending love to your momma sheeps!!!
Chloe Lyons
Chloe Lyons Muaj më parë
You should castrate Miles and make him a leader for when lambs go to your finishing barn. We have a farm in Australia and a few pet wethers make great leaders for weaned lambs
Brenda Carr
Brenda Carr Muaj më parë
Love me some Kinsey and Lucy!
Heather Crawford
Heather Crawford Muaj më parë
I am soooo happy that Noah and the Other guy went to a new home. I really really hope that Miles goes to live with them as well( that is of course if you don't keep him 😁)
Linda Muaj më parë
Wow, I didn’t know they could keep a ‘mummified’ lamb and then expel at birthing time. But does that mean it was further back in the birth order? Thanks for your gifted way of speaking so people ‘like me’ can understand and not be fearful to asking a question. I only have chickens but love most animals.
Linda Marshall
Linda Marshall Muaj më parë
Hey Sandi, I wish I lived near you. I’d love to buy ‘break out lambs’ number 2! They are so cute and pretty. You don’t ship to Australia, do you?? 😂 I’m also glad the pet rams have found a working home. I’m looking forward to plenty of new babies! Don’t forget to get some sleep. 🤗🌺🌻🌹
Rolf Juto
Rolf Juto Muaj më parë
So I got to learn something new again ... hugs ... also see that spring has come a little further with you.
Nikita Woodhead
Nikita Woodhead Muaj më parë
You need thicker socks to be comfy while you break them in maybe?
Marcy Burtchaell
Marcy Burtchaell Muaj më parë
Hey Sandi, just curious why would the ewe’s have lumps in their utter?
Marcy Burtchaell
Marcy Burtchaell Muaj më parë
@MobyDicksWife Thanks so much, appreciate the info!
MobyDicksWife Muaj më parë
1) Scar tissue; lambs butt the udders HARD when they are drinking 2) Usually from a degree of mastitis which is an infection from a blocked milk channel. Mastitis can affect an entire udder, or just one side, or just a small area within the udder. The infection can be cleared up with antibiotics, but there are varying amounts of scarring. Scarred channels do not let the milk down and will just reinfect the area and cause fever and pain, even death. Plus of course, no or little milk for the lambs.
Isabelle Niemirow
Isabelle Niemirow Muaj më parë
I also lile Ur Doggie Ma'am
Jayne Horn
Jayne Horn Muaj më parë
Awwwww Lammbssss! Happy now!
Delphina Bunter
Delphina Bunter Muaj më parë
Gosh, I just love lambing time, I loved lambing time on our farm as well. It was a pain in the butt trying to catch a ewe having trouble lambing in the paddock. 🙂🐑
Isabelle Niemirow
Isabelle Niemirow Muaj më parë
I hope U not send any of them to slaughter, my Lord, no!!!!!
MobyDicksWife Muaj më parë
Sandi is a farmer who runs a lamb production business that helps support her family. She gives excellent care and affection to the sheep in her charge but they are being bred to provide food for people, and provide an income to take care of her family. Animals live in the moment, they have no concept of the future, or worries about it. With Sandi they have a good life with no fear. When she drives them to market there are not worried because they have been on the truck before, when they are in the sales pens they have no fear because they have always been kindly treated. At the processing plant they walk down a ramp, and in a heartbeat they are gone. Would you rather people go hungry?
Michael Monthei
Michael Monthei Muaj më parë
Just curious if you will count the mummified lamb in the totals? Do you count aborted lambs as well when you catch that that has happened?
Isabelle Niemirow
Isabelle Niemirow Muaj më parë
Thank U, MaaM 4 the Heart, the other dsy, God Bless U!!!
Isabelle Niemirow
Isabelle Niemirow Muaj më parë
Sorry about the losses!
Isabelle Niemirow
Isabelle Niemirow Muaj më parë
Adorable, little wollies,awww
Kristy S
Kristy S Muaj më parë
Love lambs.
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