It's time to call the vet. | SPRING LAMBING 2021 | Vlog 430

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On the heels of a pretty traumatic night, I'm once again met with another ewe down with pregnancy toxemia.
And it's time to get to the bottom of this.
#sheep #lambing #farming

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Jackie Fris
Jackie Fris 3 ditë më parë
Everybody has bad days. 22lb is way way too big a lame for any ewe to give birth to. You did what was best for all concerned in your humane way. Look at all your successes. You can’t always win but you win way more thane you lose. 🥰😍😘🤩
Shellie 10 ditë më parë
Thank you for what you do. I have had a rough kidding this year and a terrible kidding last year. Emotionally drained! and done when I call it a night. Watching your videos, I got up again today.
CiCi irishkitty1024
CiCi irishkitty1024 12 ditë më parë
1:15 the lamb looks like a baby ewok! LOL! It's so cute!
Saramrose76 15 ditë më parë
Has big momma given birth yet? Did I miss it?
Debbie Goble
Debbie Goble 17 ditë më parë
Please keep videoing and showing us these 🐑. In this world where people are stabbing each other, cops are being persecuted, please your videos are keeping our brains from frying.
Nancy Archibald
Nancy Archibald 20 ditë më parë
As a human being trying very diligently by diet to get into ketosis. My diet is very LOW in carbohydrate and higher in fat and protein. I strive for .5 on my ketone monitor each day by fasting 18 hours minimum. This allows the liver to burn all stored glucose and start burning fat stores from my body fat. I've lost 105 lbs this way with awesome labs. A common problem with ketosis is low electrolytes. We pee alot when losing fat and salts get depleted. It drains your energy. So I supplement with electrolyte packets and pink Himalayan salt., also apple cider vinegar. (Raw Dill pickle juice!! ) *** maybe your ewes need more salt??
Susan McNutt
Susan McNutt 25 ditë më parë
I’m so impressed with how you deliver all these lambs. Sometimes it’s just not in your control , as to what happens.
lisa1967 26 ditë më parë
I don't have many animals but I am wanting to get me one of those udderlyez pumps.
Pat C
Pat C 26 ditë më parë
The triplets at 1:15 minutes look like a koala, a donkey and a Dalmatian pup!
Irene Blandino
Irene Blandino 27 ditë më parë
How the baby lamb with the fracture leg?
Dionne Cornett
Dionne Cornett 28 ditë më parë
You are awesome ... remember to stay safe and stay blessed
Gail Rodgers
Gail Rodgers 28 ditë më parë
Those triplets at the beginning with the dark wool, I was wondering what an adorable sweater their wool would makes, with having some of each of their wool mixed in together. Then those lambs at the end, seemed to be trying to tell that one lamb that was resting that it was play time. They gave up and pretended to be Mexican jumping beans. They are so much fun to watch before I go to bed. Thank you.
Linzi Ross
Linzi Ross 28 ditë më parë
Hind sight is 20/20. Are you better now than when you 1st started. Time and experience. Thats the same for everyone. Never let anyone else negativity influence you.
Tricia Emin
Tricia Emin Muaj më parë
Could the birds that are above be pooping in there food which is not good for them. I am sure they are not healthy (birds).
Mary Ann Smith
Mary Ann Smith Muaj më parë
I am just now catching up on your videos and this is a repeat comment. But I think it is important to rule out copper toxicity. Previously sent: Copper levels? Change in water? Do you have someone that can perform an autopsy on a liver? The condition sits around sometimes for years and something triggers it. Some genetics can tolerate more copper and others less. I admire your work!!
Noellia Castillo
Noellia Castillo Muaj më parë
I just found your channel and I love it. I’m falling in love with all the sheep. Love love love them.
Ev Palfy
Ev Palfy Muaj më parë
You are my hero
Robbie Jenkins
Robbie Jenkins Muaj më parë
I would love to help. Where are you located?
sunshine2lace Muaj më parë
what is with all the birds?? is it open air so the birds come in to nest?? Also, I am new to your channel, only 3 vids or so it normal to have so many multiple births???
Marcia Morel
Marcia Morel Muaj më parë
Love you. Keep it up
Janet Knights
Janet Knights Muaj më parë
Positive outcome, negative outcome ... you can only do what you can do. It is the nature of the business. Time is a teacher.
xmarksthe spot
xmarksthe spot Muaj më parë
I love watching your show. It's so nice to see an example of someone who cares for these animals and treats them so humane. We need more people like you. Thank you!
Julie Richardson Castro
Julie Richardson Castro Muaj më parë
Love you and your lambies...make my day!
Dee Marie Dubois
Dee Marie Dubois Muaj më parë
My grandfather was a tobacco farmer and he also raised pigs. He had 4 sows that were excellent breeders, had never had any problems but one year one of his sows miscarried 10 piglets and then she bled to death before the vet could get there. He was a quiet man but I could tell he was upset. The sow was only 4 years old. He did say several times over the next few days, what went wrong. I cried while sacking up the dead piglets, I was only 10 and kept saying, they all look so perfect. You are doing a great job.
Rachael Longobardi
Rachael Longobardi Muaj më parë
Quick question... when your moving the lambs why do u place them in a basket, instead of picking them and carrying them, thank you 😊
Becky Plinke
Becky Plinke Muaj më parë
I have a girls home in Mexico, I am showing them your videos.
Becky Plinke
Becky Plinke Muaj më parë
How can people learn without seeing mistakes? You are teaching the younger generation how to love a work and to work period! I love it!
hannah beierling
hannah beierling Muaj më parë
Hello, we honked when we drove by today, we watch yr vlogs all the time. So inspiring!!!!!! we live next to Parkhill meats. We farm on a smaller scall but plan to go bigger.
W. Bentley
W. Bentley Muaj më parë
Try taking the babies out of the sleigh at the gate and placing them in the pen. Don't take the sleigh into the claiming pen.
Kerri Miller
Kerri Miller Muaj më parë
I'm new to finding you and would just like to say that I'm loving your spirit and energy. The relief you are feeling comes through! I cheered when you found out some answers. The flow of life is definitely not in our control. Hugs to you for keeping on!
ANNETTE Querry Muaj më parë
You got this! Keep pushing thru girly! Some good advice when I also feel like giving up! They need you!
Joan Born
Joan Born Muaj më parë
Just trust in God the one true God! And Hevwill help you!!!
patti romano
patti romano Muaj më parë
What do you do with the lambs that don’t make it or the stillborn ones?
I Howell
I Howell Muaj më parë
Thank you for sharing all the information. It is awesome when the pieces start to come together.
S Starkey
S Starkey Muaj më parë
I appreciate your channel. I know nothing about raising sheep, but to watch you and all the hard work bringing all these precious critters into the world is a thrill. I do get a little sad at the sick babies and moms, and the ones that are lost. I happens, Sandi, in every farming situation. I believe you are a remarkable lady. Stay Strong and thank you for all you do!
S Starkey
S Starkey Muaj më parë
PS - I don't know how you stand the birds!!
C G Muaj më parë
Oh boo boo u such a strong woman and u kick ads 😘😘😃
Home & Garden with Linda Sue
Home & Garden with Linda Sue Muaj më parë
The babies are so cute.
Carol Crompton
Carol Crompton Muaj më parë
Sandi...if I were you...I would opt for getting quite a few pig blankets to hook up and start, so you can be ready for those babies you have to help get started!!’s such a big job , especially if you are alone!, did great, but you can plan for zero losses...bless your heart....👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Patricik3ADYKO Hollandsworth
Patricik3ADYKO Hollandsworth Muaj më parë
Maranda Zilk
Maranda Zilk Muaj më parë
I am not a farmer but if you guys have to even think, maybe I should call the vet, perhaps you should. Why second guess yourselves? I am sorry that I don't understand. Also, you seem to be more worried about the camera and explaining when you need to act. Do what you have to first then explain. I know it is a harsh opinion but I am not the only one thinking it. The one that died didn't have to (last night). You should have called!
Heidi Kindon
Heidi Kindon Muaj më parë
I’m so glad you’re getting things figured out.
Straw Berry
Straw Berry Muaj më parë
The terrible thing about being a strong, confident woman is we tend to know we need to go with our gut, which you definitely did and you were correct, but then we feel guilty that we couldn’t figure out the exact reason. I have no doubt that you will figure it out! You are amazing! Don’t be so hard on yourself!
patricia alexander
patricia alexander Muaj më parë
I could watch those babys playing all day long!! Love this channel.
Clair Mercer
Clair Mercer Muaj më parë
Love your videos, I have just finished lambing and have 44 lambs out of 19 ewes but wish my took the bottle as well as yours
Bonnie Wilson
Bonnie Wilson Muaj më parë
You need a cart ..that way you can use without running back and forth
Cynn's Life
Cynn's Life Muaj më parë
GoodMorning surprise she had twins. Yayy
Амангельди Канысбаев
Амангельди Канысбаев Muaj më parë
Какая порода овцы?
marie crable
marie crable Muaj më parë
Toss the lamb 🚕 Lol
Wily Cat
Wily Cat Muaj më parë
Don't worry about the "good" or "bad" editing. You're doing great 👍
sherrie sanchez
sherrie sanchez Muaj më parë
Lambs are super cute all of them cant just pick all white or all spotted or black billy cuteness all around!!.
Tracy Bagwell
Tracy Bagwell Muaj më parë
23:09 I love those those black socks lambs.
Tracy Bagwell
Tracy Bagwell Muaj më parë
12:38... check possibly Scour...does she have diarrhea? Hasty breathing issue....toward Pneumonia? Asked the vet maybe she may need B12. I am just a student learning to be a vet...
Campbell’s Craziest life
Campbell’s Craziest life Muaj më parë
I have been binge watching your videos and baby you are doing nothing wrong you are such an amazing woman and a mentor to me and I am 51 years old and I have a group of people that criticize me all the time for the things I do with my Doxy farm which is US dogs but I don’t let my girls have more than three litters and then I spray them and they stay in my home to the day the good Lord takes him from us so keep up the great work and please don’t ever stop putting up videos
Tracy Bagwell
Tracy Bagwell Muaj më parë
My concern is those birds. The word is...Histoplasmosis.
Dj Lawrence
Dj Lawrence Muaj më parë
I’m glad your able to get things figured out
Dj Lawrence
Dj Lawrence Muaj më parë
You do a wonderful job, thank you for all the information, I’ve watched about six vlogs so far
Lauralee Baird
Lauralee Baird Muaj më parë
I just started watching you and I love your gentleness and how you treat your sheep. I have been watching videos now for a few hours. Those babies are ADORABLE! I live in NB and wish I was closer. Keep making your videos and don't let any haters get to you. There are always people who just are so miserable that they want to spread it around. Blessings!!
MyZaneyLife Muaj më parë
Do you have chickens or do baby lambs make cute chirping sounds as well as the baaa? Sorry if this is a dumb question.
Tim Ross
Tim Ross Muaj më parë
Whow sheep are way more work than cattle . You have to be the hardest working person I have ever seen . Your husband is a very lucky man .
Carrie Ashley
Carrie Ashley Muaj më parë
Sorry the ewes keep having ketone Hopfuly you have her lambs and have ewe in those to keep. Tc gb
Linda LALA
Linda LALA Muaj më parë
Thank you for sharing!
Beverly Jackson
Beverly Jackson Muaj më parë
Debra Frost
Debra Frost Muaj më parë
You're such a strong woman. I'm learning a lot that I never knew about sheep. You are a brave soul. I commend you.
Carmen Doyle
Carmen Doyle Muaj më parë
Love when they jump around showing there legs off lol
ILoveYou Muaj më parë
Do you let your sheep outside to eat fresh grass? Maybe that's the nutrition they need.
Hilary Burns
Hilary Burns Muaj më parë
What if you used the dog crate in the sled but took the top off instead of the front. Then it would be taller and the lambs might not hop out. Just a thought
H Law
H Law Muaj më parë
Sandi....I can’t help but to ask if you could please show us how that super tiny lamb from a while back is doing and growing. I think of it often and pray for it to grow up big and strong 💗 such a little cutie pie and it captured my heart. Please and thank you.
Linda Bruce
Linda Bruce Muaj më parë
Do these lambs and sheep get to go outside and run and eat. It would take many of acres to do this. I see them confined in greenhouse type areas. I know you love your animals. That is clear. Where is their freedom?
Bundy Australia
Bundy Australia Muaj më parë
What is preg tox??? Sorry about the questions but I am really interested!
Bundy Australia
Bundy Australia Muaj më parë
So ketosis is like milk fever???
Kylie Eastmon
Kylie Eastmon Muaj më parë
What I learned from a very knowledgeable sheep farmer here in NY is that everyone gets just nice quality 1st cut hay. The pregnant ewes and lactating ewes get fed second cut hay and starting 8 weeks before giving birth they should be started on grain. Grain is a mixture of soybean meal and whole corn. Building up to get to 2lbs each over time. Lactating ewes will continue grain until weaning.
D Dana
D Dana Muaj më parë
love the music add in.
Tracy Caple
Tracy Caple Muaj më parë
You have had some really nice coloured lambs in this breeding group I'm so in love with so many of them love you Sandie
Chez Yeates
Chez Yeates Muaj më parë
I’m Ewe to your channel & I am loving it.. your funny and so easy to listen to! Today I’m gonna binge watch as many of your videos as possible! Thank you for sharing your day’s with all of us and keep up with the great content and work. Your amazing Sandi ❤️
Ann Smith
Ann Smith Muaj më parë
Your amazing,remember that
Big Mamma
Big Mamma Muaj më parë
You are so amazing, you perseverance, tenacity an farming practices rock. Love that you see problem take control find a plan. You are amazing lots of loves an hugs from Christchurch, New Zealand 🇳🇿.
Judi B
Judi B Muaj më parë
I love the speckled lambs they are beautiful 🤩 beautiful 😻 🐑 I’m always here dear❣️👍🏼😍
deanna young
deanna young Muaj më parë
Girl friend you rock 👌💫🐑💐 Been on a bingeing watching your videos lol lol
SHSS Muaj më parë
I also think that is something out of the ordinary you call the vet and work a real plan of action for you flock. I just think it shows your commitment to you vocation you've chosen :-)
SHSS Muaj më parë
Sandi, just how many ewes or lambs can you expect to lose during a lambing season? I know the losses can you effect you advisory but HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGS for the losses and HOPE for ALL the wins as well. :)
bemurr47 Muaj më parë
I just found your channel tonight...actually 1:30 AM here in New Brunswick. Enjoying your videos very much. I would have a hard time with this many babies...I would have to try and cuddle all of them and give them
Cindy Moldovan
Cindy Moldovan Muaj më parë
You are so good and patient with what you are doing. The babies are all so cute and it warms my heart to see how the moms take over instinctively! I also love seeing your Pandora bracelet. That is an addiction for me! Keep doing what you are doing! I’m new ☺️
Deborah From DC's Peterson City Homestead
Deborah From DC's Peterson City Homestead Muaj më parë
As a former type 2 diabetic if you have any form of corn 🌽 that will contribute to the problem. People are to only have 1/4 cup of corn before it leads to any problems. I've had a build up and it led to me being being only able to blink my eyes. I was rushed to the ER and when I was released it took about nine months before I was back to normal.
good spirits
good spirits Muaj më parë
i honestly dont get the baby in the sled thing.cant you get like a wagon with wheels?it might be easier to pull.
JAFO Muaj më parë
Hi again. Are the ewes going down related? If so, it's probably genetic.
Linda Miller
Linda Miller Muaj më parë
Why so many at one time. Big opperation take a step back with all the inbreeding
Georgia Garden Girl
Georgia Garden Girl Muaj më parë
I just love your channel. I live in GA and no one around my place or farm have sheep!
Teo Mesay
Teo Mesay Muaj më parë
A lot of these lambs must die in in they’re natural habitat or am I missing something?
Rita D. Franklin
Rita D. Franklin Muaj më parë
Sandi, check the hay source and find out if it has been sprayed with something that kills weeds. If so, it may be posion to the Ewes too. Farmers are reporting that the weed killer is causing their veggies to die when they mulch with hay that was sprayed with the weed killer. It has four different names.
Eva Villa
Eva Villa Muaj më parë
I love when you end with all the baby cuteness.
Rita D. Franklin
Rita D. Franklin Muaj më parë
Have you ever sent lambs yo Israel? Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could raise lambs for Israel. Have you ever considered doing this?
I love your channel !
Kate James
Kate James Muaj më parë
Have you ever thought of finding an editor a fan or a family member that you could teach what you want to show and to help you out so you can make the contact that you love but you don’t have to do the parts that you don’t it’s just a thought
Jason Jansma
Jason Jansma Muaj më parë
Maybe need to split the feeder
Karen Naatz
Karen Naatz Muaj më parë
You are amazing. I love that you don't sugar coat things. I'm learning so much from you. You said it best, even on the bad days you would still choose to be where your at. I feel the same way. Love, Love your videos! Thank you!
Tone Andersen
Tone Andersen Muaj më parë
Wow. My neighboor has sheep and she wanted me to join the lambing. But im scared since its my first time. I'm learning alot from you. You are such an inspiration.
Jackie Dismore
Jackie Dismore Muaj më parë
I loved seeing your smile back and feeling enlightened by the new information the new vet gave you. I don’t own sheep I just love your spirit and hardworking attitude! I only have two goats and a ton of birds. :) your channel is my favorite. Way to go pulling those babies out after such a tragedy.
Clint Auderer
Clint Auderer Muaj më parë
Hi Sandy. I really like what you're doing here with showing how a sheep farm works. With regard to ketosis, as a lifelong sheep farmer, I would suggest that most of the problem is due to ewes that are too fat. It is much better for the ewe to be a bit thin and eating a lot than a ewe to be fat and using those reserves to feed lambs. Body Condition Score between 2-3 is ideal. Anything over 3 is too fat. If they jiggle when they walk, they are way too fat.
Tracey Twaddle
Tracey Twaddle Muaj më parë
not sure if this is helpful or not... In humans your thiamine (b1) needs increase, the more calories you eat. Also in humans Magnesium is a co factor for thiamine usage (ie deficiency in one can contribute to the other). Also in humans low thiamine can increase blood sugar by imparing insulin synthesis and secretion. So not sure if if relevant with sheep, but might be helpful clues... Also a long shot... your feed could have weeds with thiaminases in them (enzymes that affect thimaine status)
Marsha Barnes
Marsha Barnes Muaj më parë
Maybe since you are giving colostrum to all the lambs now, maybe milk the mom each time for the colostrum? And only supplement if there is not enough, and freeze back if too much.
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