I MADE A LAMB TAXI!! 🚕 | Spring Lambing 2021 | Vlog 426

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Sandi Brock

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Guys! Today I finally tried my very first attempt at making a 'lamb pram' after enviously watching other sheep farmers using theirs all over the world!!
This is maybe on of the best things I've ever tried.
Sorry Mark, looks like I just bought myself another 15 years of sheep farming.
#lambing #sheep #farming
Listen to Nathan's interview on The Curious Sheep Podcast here!

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S M HUSSAIN RIZVI 13 orë më parë
1:39 Win iPhone 12 PRO 🔽 alpost.info/mine/ZJzQ3KWXq2uYkY0/video 在整個人類歷史上,強者,富人和具有狡猾特質的人捕食部落,氏族,城鎮,城市和鄉村中的弱者,無`'守和貧窮成員。然而,人類的生存意願迫使那些被拒絕,被剝奪或摧毀的基本需求的人們找到了一種生活方式,並繼續將其DNA融入不斷發展的人類社會。 說到食物,不要以為那些被拒絕的人只吃垃圾。相反,他們學會了在被忽視的肉類和蔬菜中尋找營養。他們學會了清潔,切塊,調味和慢燉慢燉的野菜和肉類,在食品市場上被忽略的部分家用蔬菜和肉類,並且學會了使用芳香的木煙(如山核桃,山核桃和豆科灌木 來調味食物煮的時候 1620632917
Julia Kovacs
Julia Kovacs 13 ditë më parë
Ewes: What is this witchcraft?!
Terry Nelson
Terry Nelson 15 ditë më parë
Sandi, how many steps do you average a day normally vs during lambing?
Cynthia R
Cynthia R 15 ditë më parë
Kamran Rao
Kamran Rao 21 ditë më parë
Sister I Muslim boy I can't speak English Allah Pak aapko aapke Tamam Ghar Walon Ko Hidayat De Ki vah Sab Musalman Ho jaen Meri is baat ka Tarjuma apni English Jamane Mein Jaan lijiyega
Dionne Cornett
Dionne Cornett 29 ditë më parë
Sandi we all live and learn ... I'm so glad you learned this to make something more easy for you ... remember to stay safe and stay blessed
Linda A
Linda A Muaj më parë
Does anyone else enjoy watching the dog?
BeakerInShortShorts Muaj më parë
I have 3 moms and not one would follow like those ladies did.
spiritsjoy Muaj më parë
Why do they want to steal babies that arent theirs?
Carole Just Carole
Carole Just Carole Muaj më parë
Boy oh boy, the stealer mom was serious!
Jerilyn Robertson
Jerilyn Robertson Muaj më parë
Adorable at the end...makin’ friends ❣️
Candace Bex
Candace Bex Muaj më parë
I’m not a farmer but I love your videos. I’ve learned so much. When ewes “steal” lambs, are they already new mothers, soon to be new mothers or just want to mother a lamb? I think it is so cute, but I understand if it could cause problems with her own, or disturb milk supply.
ayronsmama05 Muaj më parë
"Just manifested that"! AKA Jinxed, lol.
thechariotcard Muaj më parë
Omg... I had completely forgotten about that wiggly tail when they feed!! So precious!!
thechariotcard Muaj më parë
I lov3 how you are independent, self reliant, strong, self determined woman doing sheep farming! You are a role model for young women everywhere!!
thechariotcard Muaj më parë
Don’t you clean it EVERY DAY??? Wow...
First Last
First Last Muaj më parë
Hey you know what would even be better for your back, if you put them in their own little plant pens when they show signs of going into labor, less stress on everything🙄
Donna Watson
Donna Watson Muaj më parë
I know you probably won’t swaddle the baby lambs for the ride so they don’t tip over in the basket. 🧺 just a thought. But then, you’ll still have to bend over to swaddle them. I was just afraid one might hit it’s head on the gate. Thank you for sharing your joy with us! I’m glad I happened upon your wonderful channel.
Donna Watson
Donna Watson Muaj më parë
Wow! That’s such a beautiful black lamb! I love the lamb trailer/cab!
Rosanne Allbon
Rosanne Allbon Muaj më parë
I love how keen your black and white dog is to help you!
Cynn's Life
Cynn's Life Muaj më parë
Other moms trying to steal. The lamb doesnt have just one mom but 3 moms. Adorable.
kenya morris
kenya morris Muaj më parë
Just stumble on this channel and I'm in love. I have so much to learn. Never heard of a sheep farm but I'm here for it.
julie froman
julie froman Muaj më parë
attatch rope CLOSER to bottom and IN MIDDLE
Janine Daly
Janine Daly Muaj më parë
Is that normal for another ewe to try to “help with” another ones babies
Aaliyah Charnise
Aaliyah Charnise Muaj më parë
Just an idea but after doing the recommended weeks of flush rationing by the dr, what if the following week slowly wing them off the flush ration if it can be done???
anime-girl97 Muaj më parë
Here is a native American tip for the weather if a waning moon is facing up that means it will be cold. 🌙
Swusie Quesie
Swusie Quesie Muaj më parë
I could never do your job. I love the babies so much, I would be a wreck lol
LordSidious Muaj më parë
so I'm just watching Dirty Jobs and was wondering if you dock and/or castrate the lambs?
Jane Goldy
Jane Goldy Muaj më parë
Just have to say I love the commentary during the lamb transport.
KD Kay
KD Kay Muaj më parë
What about a hard dog carrier. It’s fully enclosed with hard sides you could leave the gate off so mom could stick her head in and smell her baby. It would help avoid jumpers and tip overs lol... I think the taxi idea is genius though! That’ll save y’all’s back for sure! I love living vicariously through you! Thank you for sharing this with us all!
Tracy Green
Tracy Green Muaj më parë
If only sheep could read..they would easily find their babies.
Alicia Coble
Alicia Coble Muaj më parë
I think you should consider weighing ALL you ewes AFTER you've weaned them..than separate those who are overweight from those are good weight than ration to hell those overweight lose the excess and those who are good will be fine , than when you go to breed , you can figure a ration dep on #of lambs ....I know you thought about it before but you should consider splitting feed rations on your pregnant ewes based on # lambs
Kitty Mervine
Kitty Mervine Muaj më parë
I didn't not know they would steal babies! I admit after my friend had twins and she had been caring for them... she did offer me one, and about everyone else! (they would not sleep.. but instead we all took turns helping so at least she could sleep!)
Feeber Izer
Feeber Izer Muaj më parë
If you tie the rope through the lowest holes on the basket it is less likely to tip over.
Melissa Walker
Melissa Walker Muaj më parë
So happy you made the lamb taxi. Watching you walk from the far end of the barn leaning over with a lamb in your hands made my back hurt. I look forward to watching many rides in the lamb taxi
Melissa Watts
Melissa Watts Muaj më parë
Oh did u sort ur mummified lambs ....toxoplasmosis?
Melissa Watts
Melissa Watts Muaj më parë
You have the most amazing smile when your animals are happy .....I recognize that ...but didn’t appreciate that I do it ....Thankyou for being a fellow passionate care giver ....u made me feel good 😌
Joshua Hockley
Joshua Hockley Muaj më parë
Could you add some wieght to botom of the basket under straw to make it less likly to tip. E.g. old air seeder knife points.
aCycloneSteve Muaj më parë
Is it just me, or is the taxi more likely to tip over because it's got lots of hay in it? It raises the lamb and makes the basket tippy.
Laurie Tsitsivas
Laurie Tsitsivas Muaj më parë
maybe organic rations could change things.
G Pickering
G Pickering Muaj më parë
Awesome idea the clothe basket👍
Michael Medley
Michael Medley Muaj më parë
Lambs have their own version of Casey Anthony?
Steven Phare
Steven Phare Muaj më parë
Hey nice to see mr. mechanic around again!🙂
Smilinwolfette Muaj më parë
😂😂😂I love the lamb taxi! Do they tip well? Love your sharing.
Jennifer Hayes
Jennifer Hayes Muaj më parë
Lol I love how Lucy seems to be with you all the time . Wasn't she supposed to be your hubbies dog lol
Donna Cobb
Donna Cobb Muaj më parë
Love your taxi and ride announcement
Samantha Flynn
Samantha Flynn Muaj më parë
Is it hard to separate Ewes from having multiple lambs vs 1 and 2 to do different rations? Sounds like alot of work:/
Donna Cobb
Donna Cobb Muaj më parë
When the weather temp goes below 60 degrees I suggest patio heaters to keep the lambs warm during ewe birthing.
Heather Crawford
Heather Crawford Muaj më parë
Those last 2 were adorable. Love at first sight ❤
Marissa Pags
Marissa Pags Muaj më parë
What did rex say about the mummified lambs ?
Gully R.
Gully R. Muaj më parë
Noticed the date of 2/23/21 on a bag of the milk replacer. Just curious, is that the expiration date or the date the milk powder was bagged? (I realize that if that is the expiration date, it is still perfectly ok to use.) I was wondering as some of our feed has the date from the mill when it was bagged, and other types of feed/supplements/etc. note the expiration date.
Everit Parker
Everit Parker Muaj më parë
Get a plastic dog carriage crate.cute the top off. It will be more strurdy and little bit taller and you can still use the door if needed
Arlene Bazal
Arlene Bazal Muaj më parë
Sandi you should make a loop with your basket rope.....like a sled has
Newsworthy 77
Newsworthy 77 Muaj më parë
See if this helps. How about putting a rod through the holes from across the inside of the basket, (as low as possible). Then drill a hole in the rod, (On the outside) Then tie the rope through the hole.this should help balance it
Sherille Elliott
Sherille Elliott Muaj më parë
Have you showen a video of the loft office yet ?? If so I missed it ...
Britni Allen
Britni Allen Muaj më parë
Dogs love hoof clippings and it is healthy for them
Patty Nelson
Patty Nelson Muaj më parë
I saw this 😲advertising, I went, and watched👀 could not believe that that did this. LOL, 🤣one way to have clean 🐑🐏wool `alpost.info/mine/oZjcqmjQsHXOf3k/video 💜 Even the sheep were shocked. Automatic Sheep🐑🐏 Wool Machine.💜💜
nate rock
nate rock Muaj më parë
Lol all hands and feet in the vehicle at all time is so funny am on the floor
John DeAngelo
John DeAngelo Muaj më parë
Maybe a deeper basket like tide or downy baskets
Christina Huntnlady
Christina Huntnlady Muaj më parë
The passengers should always be facing forward in the taxi.
Vivian Grantz
Vivian Grantz Muaj më parë
I think Mark build you a box with skids. I don’t think wheels will work on your straw pack.
Rich Mitchell
Rich Mitchell Muaj më parë
Where You live..
Steven Horne
Steven Horne Muaj më parë
If you have a small piece of plate steel, put it in the bottom of your basket, to lower the center of gravity, to keep it from tipping.
Timothy Elasivich
Timothy Elasivich Muaj më parë
Sandi, I love your excitement of life. You bring me joy.
Donna Kelly
Donna Kelly Muaj më parë
It's a lot more fun to watch the lamb taxi
PSO218 Muaj më parë
Ya need a little Red Flyer Wagon!!!!! Way too cute!!!!!
Gail Rod
Gail Rod Muaj më parë
This cracked me up!
Marlene SCOTT
Marlene SCOTT Muaj më parë
Robin Goffinet
Robin Goffinet Muaj më parë
Coffee machine in your upstairs office!
Canadian Navy Wife
Canadian Navy Wife Muaj më parë
AWWWWW We love the newest editions to the flock! Keep asking about the white spray paint for your black lambs.... just saying... cause you could spray a square, or the numbers in the white and then overspray with the colours for either a single, twins or triple + ..... it would work.... HUGS from Esquimalt
Cheryl Steiner
Cheryl Steiner Muaj më parë
My husband and I really enjoy your videos! We always watch them together 😊You are so warm, welcoming and real. Please don't change. I love how you treat you sheep 🐑 and your dogs are so cute too.. Keep up the hard work😊 A small suggestion on the laundry basket, you might consider tying the rope on both sides to balance it. Enjoy life and keep smiling!🙏
Jeff Harvey
Jeff Harvey Muaj më parë
On another note... Billy called me... he wanted to know when he could get back to work????
Ernest Allred
Ernest Allred Muaj më parë
Use a snowmobile dolly system to help you move your gate sections. Lift and roll instead of dragging your gates across the floor. Help save your back like the basket.
kristina M
kristina M Muaj më parë
I love your taxi, so cute! I do that with my cats. Lol
Rhett Silver
Rhett Silver Muaj më parë
You ever thought of getting swedish sheep breeds? Must say I kind of in love the looks of our Swedish fellas like Ryas. BUT! The switzerland sheep Valais Black Nose Sheep, oh lord am I in love..
Jess Palmer
Jess Palmer Muaj më parë
Have you ever tried seperating the number of lambs per ewe, keep all the singles and twins together and all the triplets or more together? And adapt feed that way?
barbarannie Muaj më parë
LOVE your lamb taxi!!!!!!!
Brian Sonne
Brian Sonne Muaj më parë
you put the biscuit in the basket
yazılıMap Muaj më parë
nice try ma'am but could be better lol
Sheri Henderson
Sheri Henderson Muaj më parë
Hello Sandi, I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work putting up & out all your videos on ALpost. ♥️ I have a small herd of 12 sheep , most of my sheep I have are rescues (orphan lambs) .
Andre Du Preez
Andre Du Preez Muaj më parë
Hi, hope all is good. Can I ask a few questions. Maybe you can put it on ALpost. How many cornfields do you farm for your sheep, not for corn and how much silage do that fields produce for your sheep. The same for your Lucerne fields silage vs haylage. Then lastly how much of a watch do your sheep eat a day. I know it differs from dry rations to lactation.
A McD Muaj më parë
If you like your Gallagher, have a look at the Urban alma pro L/calfmom. It will save you money on milk replacer, helps wean gradually, allows you to spot when they aren't drinking and gives each lamb only as much as you allow. For it's price its great value. Farmer Phil has a channel using the urban calf mom, worth taking a look!!
Susan Egyud
Susan Egyud Muaj më parë
Hi Sandi! Serious question- not judgement 'cause i love you and your channel! We all love the black lambs too, but if most of the lambs go to market, why are the black ones better? Is it just bc they are so stinking cute?! Do you keep the black rams back so they make more black sheep (haha pun there!), and if so, why? Can you sell them for breeding to other farmers for more profit maybe? Just wondering if there is a financial gain of black or other colored lambs vs white. Thanks!
Jeriann Roberts
Jeriann Roberts Muaj më parë
Bwahahaha. The RNS LAMBCHOP! Blessings
Randi Hilll
Randi Hilll Muaj më parë
how long would it take for a Mom Ewe to re-bond with it one of the twin baybies where it will be doting mom ..you said in one of yuor videos if you didn't have over a 100 you would be able to take the time..or something similar like that ... I have a twin that got into the horses stall he was okay but just got a away from the mom for a while. Do you think a few days? longer taan a day ....or ours.
Talat DUMAN Muaj më parë
Sue Muaj më parë
to stop the basket from tipping use the rose on both sides like a bridle on a horse
Terry ST
Terry ST Muaj më parë
The 'rope' you mean? Yes that might help. I was also thinking Sandi herself could be closer to the basket, to easily reach down and rearrange the lambs as needed. :)
A Me
A Me Muaj më parë
That is great if you or Mark can put that basket on wheels it will be even easier. Or a sleigh type bottom but wider than the basket so it is harder to tip over.
Margaret Mayberry
Margaret Mayberry Muaj më parë
They sell the lamb hooves in the pet store for dog treats
Aaron Green
Aaron Green Muaj më parë
2:50 the mumma stomping ..lol
Patricia McDonald
Patricia McDonald Muaj më parë
Love your channel!! Can’t get enough of all lambs even the stealers. Lol.
Malisa Pack
Malisa Pack Muaj më parë
The lambs at the very end.😍😍. So cute.
Mohamed Almarzooqi
Mohamed Almarzooqi Muaj më parë
Whats the difference between this breed and the spanish morano?
b Consilio
b Consilio Muaj më parë
What is a lamb tax?
b Consilio
b Consilio Muaj më parë
@Terry ST oops my new glasses are on order!
Terry ST
Terry ST Muaj më parë
TAXI. The basket, to move the lambs. :)
The Animal House
The Animal House Muaj më parë
Suggestion: For your basket, if you tie both ends of the rope to a corner, you can pull a "v" and balance the basket out when pulling. Or do the same thing with a shorter piece of rope and tie a longer piece to that to pull. Either way, it will help balance the basket out and likely not topple over.
Susan Thomas
Susan Thomas Muaj më parë
Rhonda Tucker
Rhonda Tucker Muaj më parë
If you put two baskets together with a clip of some kind you could keep the Lambs in😃
Zach Mepham
Zach Mepham Muaj më parë
I love that little tail wagging as she fills up on moms milk. Those 2 at the end new friends aaaaah. Sandi you do a great job keep it up!!!
Brent Rollins
Brent Rollins Muaj më parë
Jessica Payne
Jessica Payne Muaj më parë
This is such an adorable video! So glad the lamb taxi worked. You hit such a high pitch on the black lamb it was hard to understand (in a cute funny way). And those final two little lamb kisses through the fence were too precious!
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